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Bill Bell
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Ted White
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Laurence Putnam
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Sam Scheckter
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Tunya Audain
Dallas Collis
Rusty Corben
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Michael Hill
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Diana Jewell

Ted White

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13/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Ted White is a popular MP in this conservative constituency, he will be reelected.
22/10/00 A.S. Email:
As one might expect from Doug Collins country, N Van's had a propensity for puking up the motliest standard-bearers of the right (PC yahoo Chuck Cook, Ted "Space Alien" White). And the Grits have repeatedly flung star candidates at the greasepan (Gordon Gibson, Iona Campagnolo, Warren Kinsella), only to be skunked each time. If not then, than why now?
24/10/00 Chris Delanoy EMAIL_YES = selected
The Liberals threw their most bombastic race-pimp against the pint-sized Ted White in 1997 - and failed miserably. There isn't any reason to believe he won't score another victory in 2000.
06/11/00 Gord H. Email:
The Liberals made a run for it last time, and ended up in the dust. This time they have nominated Bill Bell, who besides being well known from his years on NVC council, is also very well known as an NDP activist working on past provincial and federal campaigns. No doubt this campaign should help the liberal candidate in building and "diversifying" his political consulting business with his new federal-Liberal connections. This will no doubt be useful when his political contacts in the provincial government are defeated next year. While the Liberals hope that bringing in some newly minted "turncoats" will lure disaffected New Democrats, I think that they may be in for a surprise. That is, BC electorate is almost as disgusted by Chretien/federal Liberals as they are with the inept provincial NDP. The recruitment of "high-profile" New Democrats shows desperation on behalf of federal Liberals. But it also indicates that the next Liberal government may flush their tax-break promises down the drain after the "formality" of an election is dealt with. North Vancouver voters, by and large, can be expected to see through all this.
08/11/00 Bernard Schulmann
Bill Bell was a very weak choice by the Liberals. There is little chance of him unseating Ted White. He is too partisan a New Democrat and Clarkista to be seriously seen as a Liberal. His business is using his NDP connections to be a lobbyist on provincial issues.

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