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Hon Hedy Fry
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John Mortimer
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Lee Johnson
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Scott Robertson
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Kimball Cariou
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Marc Emery
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Jamie-Lee Hamilton
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Jeff Jewell
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Valerie Laporte
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Joseph Theriault

Hon Hedy Fry

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12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Hedy Fry is popular with the gay population here, she's going back to Ottawa.
16/10/00 Blake Robert Email:
Hedy Fry may be popular with the gay community, but expect some of that popularity to be stolen by PC candidate Lee Johnson, who is openly gay. This should definetly be an interesting one to watch.
18/10/00 J Smith Email:
Fry will probably win. The riding has a large gay population, and the Tory is gay. I still predict that the Liberals will win, but this will be a riding to watch. The Tories may actually get there deposit back!
19/10/00 Milton Email:
I doubt that the two gay Tory candidates (Lee here and Randell Perece in downtown Toronto) are actually there to mount a serious campaign (Though a cute young gay MP does sound like a grand idea.). They are probably more a statement that the Tories are more progressive then the CA. (Okey the CA gay candidates running against Gilles Decuppe is an embarassment the to gay community. With him people would think that we are all air-head twinks that have no clue about politics) Hedy Fry will win on the basis that there are no real serious challenger. Though the Tory should fully expect to get there deposit back, consider this was once the home turf of Prime Minister what's her name.
19/10/00 FD Email:
Lee Johnson is a bright, energetic and intelligent candidate running under the PC banner. Expect an enthusiastic race.
22/10/00 A Peck Email:
People are very tired of the arrogance of Hedy Fry...and she is a total lightweight when compared to our past MP's Kim Campbell and Pat Carney. These women had positions of authority, whereas Hedy is a junior and mostly discounted Minister. Vancouver wants a higher profile from it's downtown riding. Also, Hedy is widely seen as doing nothing positive for the riding. There are many people who would vote Liberal if the candidate was different.
24/10/00 Chris Delanoy
While I think this one should still be fairly safe for Hedy fry, there IS a significant wildcard in play here - and its not a gay Tory (remember that the electoral impact of Tories in British Columbia, gay or not, is approximately ZERO. Despite any alleged "anti-gay" perception, Reform still trounced the Tories and NDP here soundly in 1997.) No, the real wildcard here is Marc Emery, Vancouver's "Prince of Pot," running for the Marijuana Party. As unbelievable as it sounds, he could give this one a very, very serious run - or at least turn it into a chaotic, four-way toss-up. Stranger things have happened.
29/10/00 Sandy Berger Email:
Hedy will likely be returned, because the NDP is tared by Glen Clark's brush. But watch the Marijuana Party. A high profile, relatively well-funded pack of potheads will attract a high turnout in this anti-estblishment, progressive and weed-sucking riding. If the freaks outnumber the straights, the House of Commons will be a much more mellow place.
29/10/00 A.S.
(1) The '97 PC candidate fell well short of a deposit, though not for want of trying. (2) I know it's Vancouver Centre, man, but I wouldn't take Emery any more seriously than I'd take a Green candidate (they did 3% last time). (3) Sure the PC guy's gay, but straight or bent, the local moderates are still most likely to park their votes w/Queen Hedy. In fact, the most aggressive gay-vote challenge is still likely to come from NDP, although their gay candidates in both '93 and '97 were "surprisingly" blinked by Reform. (4)As in the past, CA here'll just contentedly coast to a decent whatever. Maybe--if he's lucky--hunky, dangerous, body-suited Stock'll win on the gay male "crotch vote"...
02/11/00 Interested Voter Email:
This riding has a long tradition of supporting moderate conservatives. Lee Johnson has gained the important support of groups fighting for Leaky Condo Owners (which affects 10,000 people in the riding), as well as the gay community. VTV recently featured him as "one to watch" and the Alliance candidate has been effectively sunk by his compatriots calling homosexuals "deviants." Fry is seen as distant and arrogant.
03/11/00 Shane Email:
I think Hedy will be going back to Ottawa and she deserves that seat! She has been involved in supporting the Gay community and a vote for any of the others is a wasted vote. With the Liberals likely to get re-elected the gay community will have a voice with Hedy!
08/11/00 Jim
No doubt that this is a tough one to call. Remember, the gay population in Van. Center is highly afluent, and real tax cuts and better health care will sell them on the Alliance message. John Mortimer is a very strong Alliance candidate and will likely be cabinet material. John stands by the statement that the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. So do many of us. I think that the PC candidate may pull some of the gay vote, and that will bleed from Hedy. John will pick up all (or most) of the vote that is unhappy with the Liberals and Hedy. Look for John Mortimer to win in a tight race with less than 2000 votes between himself and the Liberal.
16/11/00 AL
Jim's been partaking too much of the local herbs if he really thinks that gays, even affluent gays, will cast their votes for the Alliance given Day's record on gay rights. Day's only chance of convincing gays and lesbians that he's not a homophobe is if he plays some tonsil hockey in public with Jason Kenney. Short of that, don't expect Day's Alliance to get more than a tiny number of votes from the gay and lesbian community.
23/11/00 MH Email:
Gays and lesbians voting for a Day-led party would be like turkeys voting for Christmas. Besides, core support for Alliance, rednecks, fundamentalists, and anti-abortionists are in short supply here. The Liberals should hold this one easily. Vancouver Centre could conceivably go PC. If it goes Alliance, then something is clearly turning the brains of normally sophisticated and cosmopolitan Vancouverites to shit.
24/11/00 RM Email:
Lee Josnson has a strong team, and a lot of support from various communities that are tired of the Liberals and Ms Frye. This is going to be very close.
26/11/00 imaad Email:
Last election HEDY FRY didn't lose a single POLL

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