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Angela Vautour

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10/10/00 RSC Email:
Vautour took this from the Libs as a NDPer. PC's are nowhere. Count on this going back to the Libs.
11/10/00 L.O. Email:
Angela Vautour has been a one-issue MP. It just happens to be the right issue -- Changing back the Liberal Party's EI Reform. The Liberals have changed part of that legislation the way she wants. But that doens't mean the riding will forgive what they did to begin with. Chances are they'll credit her with fighting for her constituency.
16/10/00 Chris Chmelyk Email:
I heard that the Libs will be playing the nepotism card again, running Roméo Leblanc's son. That, and the riding's usual Liberal leanings will combine to hand the libs the seat. Vautour would have been smarter to stay on the NDP ship and surf the Alexa wave again. It is doubtful that Vautour (an Acadian) will be able to carry the WASP vote for the Tories in Petitcodiac.
17/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
Mme Vautour was elected as Angela Vautour in 1997. Party labels likely won't affect her chances at being re-elected in November.
18/10/00 Mike O'Brien Email:
No way is Vautour keeping the seat. Her one baby was EI reform and the Liberals are giving it to her. Now the lion has no teeth. This area is traditionally Liberal anyway.
18/10/00 J Smith Email:
This one will be close. Angela Vautour won this seat as NDP, but since moving to the PC's, her star has been rising. I think this one will come down to the wire between the Liberals and the Conservatives.
20/10/00 PL Email:
They love Vautour in this riding. Her move meant subtle differences to the members of her riding... many good! Tory Angela may fair better than NDipper Angela did last time!
21/10/00 Mike D Email:
This seat is numero uno on the Liberal take-back list for Atlantic Canada. This is not traditional Tory territory, and the Tories will not be able to defend it with so many higher priorities. Wave bye-bye, Angela.
22/10/00 Pundit Email:
Vautour switched for the right reason. She has worked hard for the riding and on a key issue. She'll get relected.
29/10/00 A.S.
It's a tough task for Screamin' Dervish Vautour, however hard she's worked on behalf of her constituents, EI, etc. Her party flip murks up the issue considerably; though remember that if the PC's have a skimpy record here, NDP was even skimpier before 1997. And if it's Dom LeBlanc running again for the Grits, that may cast the die, especially if he's overcome that carpetbagging-son-of-a-GG cast that did him in in '97. And remember that he was along on PET's last fishing trip--and if the posthumous Trudeau honeymoon for the Grits is over elsewhere, it may still make the difference here...
01/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
Good heavens, some people are actually predicting a Vautour victory here. Such would be comparable to winning a million-dollar lottery twice in one's lifetime, and I doubt that this orange-Tory has quite that much luck at her disposal.
06/11/00 Irish Observer Email:
Angela Vautour. NDP or Tory what can one say. Stick a fork in her she is done.
07/11/00 Roger
Well folks, it's quite simple. Angela Vautour is was a one issue candidate and Dominic has been working harder and getting better results! This guy has been running his campaign since he lost and has been the shadow MP. All in all, it's goodbye Angela. Tim Horton talk doesn't lie!
08/11/00 yes
I feel that the people of this riding will vote for Angela Vautour mainly because of the liberal's policies to the seasonal workers and the fact that they are runing Leblanc again who is looked at as an outsider in this riding.
10/11/00 Steven Drover
Angela Vautour has been invisible in this riding. She has no idea of the concerns in the southern end of the riding. She doesn't keep office hours in Sackville (6,000 people, plus the riding's only university). Switching parties will only help us to get rid of her. The NDPers who elected her last time are split. The new NDP candidate doesn't even live in the riding. The local Tories don't like Angela, having campaigned agaist her last time.
12/11/00 Janey Canuck Email:
I would give Angela the edge in this riding. It is true that she is perceived as a one issue candidate but it's a very important issue. Many people voted more for her than the party she represented and that will help her. LeBlanc will capitalize on his Trudeau connection and the fact he has stayed around but he is still regarded as a rich come from away boy in a disadvantaged area. Tom Taylor of the Alliance will get the gun law support and some former COR support in Petitcdiac, not to mention opponents of tolls which he is identified with in that part of the riding. The NDP candidate is a one issue enviornmentalist (and even there she is concerned with the Metz farm issue) who is from an adjaent riding. She cannot possibly get the vote margins the NDP received in 1997 except possibly in Sackville where Mount Allison University is located. Angela will win this one by a nose!
15/11/00 Leon Phelps Email:
Sackville going NDP? Are you kidding? In the last election this area and Memramcook were the only provincial ridings in B-P to vote for Dominic. Now that he's a stronger candidate, and Angela is a floor crossing no issue candidate he'll only be stronger.
24/11/00 Rod Tidwell Email:
I would say that this race will go to the Tory candidate as the people of B-P are smarter than the Liberal candidate thinks they are and recognize that he is not exactly a, "man of the people". They seek effective, hard-working representation and a person who knows the issues in the riding, not just in a particular constituency.
25/11/00 Dean
I suspect that the Liberals will shake this one out, but Vatour is a classic wildcard. Sackville does have an enduring NDP tendency and votes there for the NDP should be expected.
25/11/00 Damian P.
Considering the momentum the Tories have, Angela Vautour looks awfully prescient for leaving the moribund NDP to join the Tories. I think all the current PC imcumbents (except for the poor guy in Quebec) are going to hang on, includng Mme. Vautour. I went to law school at UNB, and I can assure you there's a lot of bedrock Tory support in that province.

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