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John King
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Rob Moore
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John Herron
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John Calder

John Herron

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11/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
John Herron should hold this Tory fortress in the upcoming election. He's been widely popular. His recent run for the food bank went over exceptionally well.
16/10/00 JWH Email:
A young energetic MP, John Herron is a shoe in. Charasmatic and intelligent, the 20% who voted Reform in the last election in Fundy-Royal will place their votes with the right wing alternative in this riding: John Herron. It is a riding with a long tory tradition with such long time tory members such as George Jones, Alfred Johnson Brooks, Gordon Fairweather, Robert Corbett. John Herron will join their ranks in their commitment and sevice to the residents of Fundy-Royal.
26/10/00 J.P. Kirby EMAIL:
Long a PC hotbed, I don't see this riding changing much this time around. Alliance, although always gaining inroads in rural ridings like this, won't likely split the vote enough to make another Liberal go in.
29/10/00 A.S.
Brison/MacKay, NB style; one of those fine, upstanding, promising young upholders of Sir John A. who haven't noticed the national tide's gone to the Alliance and don't care, feel perfectly fine and confident, thank you. Tide, schmide; out around the Bay of Fundy, they know better about tides...
03/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
The Tories now trail the Alliance in New Brunswick, and both of them are 40(!!) points back of the Liberals. No one not wearing a red tie is safe here.
17/11/00 Irish Observer Email:
Friends of mine in this riding are quite disturbed by the amount of support that the Liberal candidate is receiving. Apparently a law and order type candidate (he is a former prosecutor). Herron in their estimation has been good MP although not effective b/c of opposition status. In the Queen's county part of the riding former Big Red Machine players, including Doug Tyler and Eldon Hunter are organizing. This one could go down to the wire. Too close to call, given polling info and surprising Liberal strength.
24/11/00 JK
I don't know why anyone would want to licence their cat. Nonetheless, the PC and Alliance may split the vote here for a Liberal win.
25/11/00 Email:
The young P.C. candidate, John Herron, is leading with the Liberal in the middle and the Alliance candidate in third place with NDP far behind. The potential is there for a Liberal win if the right of centre vote splits but Herron seems to have a substantial lead. The local media (radio) has conceded this to Herron.
26/11/00 Janey Canuck Email:
I do think John Herron still has the edge here but I too am surprised by the strength of both the Liberal and Alliance candidates. This will closer than anticipated but will be Tory.

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