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Hon Claudette Bradshaw
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Kathryn Barnes
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Serge Landry
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Hélène Lapointe
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Laurent Maltais

Hon. Claudette Bradshaw

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15/10/00 Boss Jeff Email:
Madame Bradshaw is one of the Greatest MPs in Eastern Canada, A liberal with compassion and the strength of conviction to get things done. As National Liberal Campaign Co-Chair, watch Claudette Bradshaw win the race by a country mile!
13/10/00 A.S. Email:
Remarkably for a non-incumbent in the Grits' Maritime disaster year of '97, Bradshaw bucked the trend and won Moncton safely--perhaps a bit because her left-Liberalism defused any potential NDP attack. And no matter what her cabinet performance is, she's probably to Moncton what Elsie Wayne's to Saint John; unbudgeable.
03/11/00 J
There is no doubt this riding will be voting Liberal. However, the race for second place will be the intersting one to watch here. Popular Moncton city councillor Kathryn Barnes is the Alliance candidate and the Tories have nominated the brother of a the deceased popular Liberal advisor to Frank McKenna. However, Serge Landry is a newcomer to politics and the local paper notes there were only 80 people at the meeting.
04/11/00 J.P. Kirby Email:
If the Liberals win one riding in the Maritimes, this is the one. Very Acadian and white-collar, Moncton is a guaranteed slam-dunk (/gimmick infringement) for Claudette Bradshaw.
15/11/00 B. Cormier
Claudette Bradshaw has done more in her life to improve the well-being of her community than all the other candidates put together. She is an excellent MP and deserves to be re-elected.
23/11/00 B. Cormier
I just came back from the candidates' debate at the Capitol Theatre. One things was clear from watching the goings-on... Claudette Bradshaw had the support, the vision and the track record to back up her excellent chances of being re-elected. Alliance candidate Barnes, with her swipe at francophones -- "We have to remember that the large majority of people in this riding are anglophones" translation: "Don't get too greedy, you bunch of Frenchies", just earned her the title of CoR Party Princess. Typical Alliance racism.
26/11/00 Truth Defender Email:
"Typical Alliance racism", if that's not slander I don't know what is. These provocative attacks are never supported by any conclusive facts. Liberal supporters do a lot of name calling and tearing down of the Alliance platform ... I guess that's because they have no vision themselves. If you have no vision or values the only thing to do is tear down the opposition. I'm frankly getting very tired of it all. If the Liberal track record was so good wouldn't they spend time talking about it !! You talk about the Alliance not having tolerance - it is actually the other way around - labelling people racists and zealots because they have different opinions from you is what is truely intolerant. Anyways, this riding will certainly stay Liberal come election night.
26/11/00 Marcel
Bradshaw has done an excelent job as MP. Elected in 1997, after massive cuts in unemployement,... At the time, a big election worry was the growing number of homeless: she was named to a project to help the situation, where she did a very good job. She also played a key part in resolving the Air Canada dispute, avoiding a possible strike. Claudette is known by the people for her personnality, and her hard work for the less fortunate: she's the creator of Headstart, a organisation helping homeless and unfortunate people. Claudette Bradshaw should't have too much problems... She is ahead by 30% on her next opponent, CA Katheryn Barnes according to a poll conducted by a local newspaper. But what worries me is the 40% of unpronounced voters: 20% are undecided, and 20% won't say! I'm worried that those individuals, especially the one that won't say who there voting for, will vote for the Canadian Alliance... A vote for the CA in Moncton-Dieppe-Riverview would be against the beliefs of a lot of NBers, but many are fed up with Jean Chrétien... I still believe she has the saffest seat in the province even if she admits she`s worried!

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