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Scarborough Centre

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Liberal Party:
John Cannis
Canadian Alliance:
Bill Settatree
New Democratic Party:
Ali Mallah
Marijuana Party:
Paul Coulbeck

John Cannis

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Don Valley East
Scarborough East
Scarborough-Rouge River
Scarborough Southwest

Population: 107 373
Avg Household Income 50 413
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15/10/00 A.S. Email:
Another of the undistinguished Scarborough Grit caucus seemingly destined for reelection by default--but it's the blazing heart of 50s/60s working class Scarberia, and it's been an ideal catchbasin for what've been, for Toronto, good Reform finishes. Here's allowing for a changed prognosis...
12/11/00 Doron
The absence of a Tory candidate in this riding should favour the Alliance candidate in this riding despite a dismal showing three years ago.
15/11/00 AL
This is one of ten ridings where the Tories have failed to nominate a candidate. Under the "united alternative" theory this should mean that this riding, a Tory stronghold during the Mulroney years, should be an Alliance target. This will be an interesting test for the Alliance. It's interesting that there's been no public mention of it by the CA, which perhaps reveals an understanding that rhetoric aside, 1 Tory vote + 1 Reform vote does not equal 2 Alliance votes.
26/11/00 Eldorado Brougham Email:
A real interesting riding. Absentee Cannis vs a local man of good reputation who is running a really good campaign. Many Many Many undecided voters in a riding where there is no PC candidate. The sign volume is saying something here folks,Scarboro mirror is pro alliance in this one. Its a hill to climb yes, but at a time when the PM is in the shawingigate contraversy If I had to pick a long shot this is the one

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