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Brossard-La Prairie

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Liberal Party:
Jacques Saada
Bloc Québécois:
Nicolas Tétrault
Canadian Alliance:
Richard Belisle
Progressive Conservative Party:
Sylvain St-Louis
New Democratic Party:
Clemence Provencher
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Normand Chouinard
Natural Law Party:
Sylcia Larrass

Jacques Saada

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22/10/00 A.S. Email:
Amidst the south shore of the St. Lawrence, Brossard's developed as a rapidly-growing Asian/Allophone suburb of Montreal; Saada narrowly lost in the old seat of Laprairie in '93, but earned the profile to prevail in this redistributed riding four years later. The Bloq--whose support is mainly concentrated in Laprairie proper--might consider this competitive, even targetable, but the vaguely favourable demographics and incumbency work to Saada's favour.
25/10/00 YJ Email:
Jacques Saada will win again. The BQ is not offering a strong challenge with its candidate, a 25 year-old student. The Bloc may even lose some votes to the Alliance. The CA's nominee is the former Bloc MP for the riding from 93 to 97.

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