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Clifford Lincoln
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Guy Amyot
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William Shaw
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Daniel Gendron
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Erin Sikora
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Garnet Colly
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Elena D'Apollonia

Clifford Lincoln

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12/10/00 SAS Email:
Everyone always speaks of the Liberals power in Ontario...but aside from the Bloc, they have a lot of success in Quebec. Including this riding of Lac-Saint-Louis, where Clifford Lincoln won 69% of the vote in the last Federal Election. This one has Liberal Victory written all over it.
13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
The heart of Liberal Montreal. If Clifford Lincoln doesn't get 70%, we should consider it a humiliating failure to beat the spread.
30/10/00 A.S.
If Clifford Lincoln doesn't get 70%, it'll be a sign that the Alliance machine's working on all cylinders;-)
31/10/00 David D. Anber
I went for breakfast this morning with Clifford. I learned that he is dissatisfied with parliamentary domination by Chretien and his Cronies. He would rather have Martin. That having been said its no wonder why he always wins. He isn't afraid of Jean and he rejects heavy handed party discipline. He does whats best for his constituants and they know it.
While I want to see the Alliance Break in to Ontario (hope) and I want to see the Alliance Break in to Quebec (dream), I would be happy with Cliff keeping the riding and so do 70% of the voters here.
07/11/00 M. A. Price
I always follow goings on in this riding, since I lived here from 1967 to 1986. Easy Liberal win (as we all know), but what I found really interesting is the Alliance candidate, William Shaw. Is this the same William Shaw who was/is a dentist and ran for the provincial Union Nationale in the 1960s and 1970s? If so, talk about re-hashing candidates. I always thought Shaw was an honourable man, but surely the Alliance should be able to find some fresh blood.
22/11/00 David D. Anber
I already commented (above) but i needed to add something. I was appaulled today when I heard a debate between Clifford Lincoln (incumbant) and William Shaw on CJAD radio AM. Lincoln's riding president phoned in UNDER A FAKE name and asked a question that sounded like "Gee Mr Lincoln, since you are so good (according to these 2 dozen awards that you have won in the comminity since you were elected) what would Mr. Shaw do in . . ." I could not believe what i was hearing. It didnt even end up being a question! Why a riding that went 69% Liberal needs such tom-foolery to make their case, I dont know.
22/11/00 Rob Kelsall
The Liberals will win in a cake-walk in this riding. I'm still at an absolute loss why. Clifford Lincoln has done very little for this riding in terms of defending our rights against a constant onslaught from the PQ and separatists on a provincial level. Quebec anglophones still have no defender of their rights. Apparently it's not politically correct to do so. Residents of this riding did, however, strongly support the Liberal government's Clarity Bill. There are more than a few partitionists in this riding who are looking for a strong federalist candidate who will defend their interests on a national level.
24/11/00 Initial Email:
I don't think you can get a more (federal/provincial) liberal riding. It's a given.

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