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Yolande Thibeault
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Christian Picard
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Nic LeBlanc
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Walter Stirling
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Katherine Leveille

Yolande Thibeault

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25/10/00 Brad Nicpon Email:
Could go any way. Liberals certainly did not have a resounding victory here as Yolande Thibeault beat Richard Bélisle by only 2%. PCs were way behind. Prediction: Lib/BQ
30/10/00 A.S.
BQ's Richard Belisle slimly snipped Lib Jacques Saada in the former Laprairie riding in '93. Redistribution sawed off the most heavily Anglo/Federalist parts of that riding--St-Lambert, Greenfield Park--but they were combined with sufficient parts of always super-separatist Longueuil to make a new riding that was actually *safer* BQ than what was left behind. Thus rather than choosing a Saada rematch, Belisle chose this new constituency--only to narrowly lose to the Liberals. (And then go on to join CA, but that's another story.) With such a tight margin, BQ's top Montreal-area target by far.
15/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
Nic LeBlanc's decision to run for the Alliance here will probably foil the Bloc's chances of taking back the seat.
20/11/00 AL
It's rather remarkable that there are no predictions on this site of Liberal seats going to the BQ with polls showing the BQ improving on their 1997 performance and, in some polls, leading the Liberals. I say ridings such as this one will go to the BQ.
22/11/00 Ghislain Boudreau
The Bloc Québécois candidate should be able to take back this riding from the Liberals. With sovereignty tending to get more popular on the South Shore region, the BQ should pick up just enough votes from the Liberals to win the riding.

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