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New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick 2003
Provincial Election 2003 Élections provinciales

Saint John Champlain

Update/Mise à jour:
1:09 PM 5/21/2003

Prediction Changed
La prévision a changé
2:31 PM 5/10/2003

Constituency Profile
Profil de circonscription

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Progressive Conservative
Mel Vincent Jr
Roly MacIntyre
Ralph Thomas

MLA/Le député:

Federal MP/députés fédéral:
2000 Federal Election Prediction
Saint John
Elsie Wayne

1999 Result/Résultats:

Carole Keddy

Roly MacIntyre

Dr. Paula C. Tippett

Jeanne Geldart

Dolores H. Cook

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21/05/03 Chase
Should be one of the most interesting races in the province. The NDP always hold their own (and Thomas is well known) in this area of the city and even won back when this riding was called Saint John East (the boundaries are somewhat different after the 95 redistribution). The former cabinet minister Roly should squeak this one out but I wouldn't be surprised if the NDP and Liberals split the "disenfranchised" vote and Vincent comes up the middle for the close win. This scenario would be much more likely if the PCs where running a stronger candidate. About the only thing going for Vincent will be name recognition (his father has been a long time politician in the city). Roly in a nail biter.
12/05/03 syllap
Email: sylapointe@hotmail.com
The PC's were able to carry this seat in a 3 way race, this won't happen this time, Roly McIntyre will return as MLA this time, no PC landslide this year.....
Email: spmeades@yahoo.ca
The NDP faired pretty well here in the last election, and they're apparently running a more visible candidate this time. If leader Elizabeth Weir is confident enough in her campaign and standings in the province (when she's the only sitting MLA) that she would run for federal party president, you have to wonder if there's something to that confidence.
05/05/03 Patrick Webber
Email: gtfzy@StThomasU.ca
This should be a very interesting race indeed, for it will be one of the few truly three-way races in the province. NDP candidate Ralph Thomas should squeak by over former McKenna Labour Minister Roly MacIntyre and the PC candidate. The Tories are at a disadvantage in this race, since the victor of 1999, Carole Keddy, is not running again. Ralph and Roly are both well known in Saint John, while the Tory is not so much. Watch for an NDP victory in this seat, with the Liberals coming in a close second and the Tories in a relatively distant third.

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