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New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick 2003
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Update/Mise à jour:
2:56 AM 5/16/2003

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1:21 AM 5/15/2003

Constituency Profile
Profil de circonscription

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Progressive Conservative
Odette Babineau

MLA/Le député:

Federal MP/députés fédéral:
2000 Federal Election Prediction
Dominic LeBlanc

1999 Result/Résultats:

Bernard P. Richard

Odette N. Babineau

Anne Marie Dupuis

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15/05/03 Irish Observer
I agree with other writers, the Liberal's are going to lay a hurtin' on their opposition here. If Liberals lose election this man is most likely their next leader.
12/05/03 S Levine
Email: slev1974@hotmail.com
This riding will be an easy win for the liberals. Incumbent Bernard Richard is the strongest liberal candidate and the most charismatic of all the current NB Liberals. He did a good job while he was interim leader of the Official Opposition. Also, this riding is the most liberal in New Brunswick. In 1999, Bernard Richard was elected by more than 2000 votes majority. This year he is facing the same challenger Odette Babineau.
12/05/03 syllap
Email: sylapointe@hotmail.com
Odette Babineau lost this seat against Bernie Richard by 1000 votes last time in a Tory typhoon, the Liberals will win by at least 2500-3000 this time.....Liberal hold...

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