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British Columbia Provincial Election 2009

Burnaby North

Prediction Changed
11:55 PM 11/05/2009

Constituency Profile

Lee, Richard T.
Green Party
Perry, Doug
Redman, Mondee

LEE, Richard T.
Burnaby North
(Approx. 90% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

(Approx. 10% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

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09 03 28 Nick L
Richard Lee is not lucky in this time since the new riding cut him about 300 votes. But success always go to the hard work people, he can win about 200 votes on this election
09 02 26 binriso
As bad as this sounds, but I think it is true, if the NDP had nominated someone Chinese, they would almost certainly win the riding. Its so close that any small thing like a candidate's ethnicity would put them over the top. Although I dont actually know who the candidate is for the NDP.
09 01 17 Predictor
This one surprised many people last time. It was widely expected that Lee would go down in his third campaign against Calendino, and Calendino will recapture the seat that he lost during the NDP wipe-out. While an affable and hard working guy, Lee has never really established himself as a heavy hitter, and does not have much traction of his own. This seat will likely go with the party that forms government.

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