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British Columbia Provincial Election 2009

Delta North

Prediction Changed
11:56 PM 11/05/2009

Constituency Profile

Gentner, Guy
Kanakos, Jeannie Lynn
Green Party
Laine, Matthew
McPherson, Marc Cameron

Delta North
(100% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

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09 05 10 Richmond Review
Conservative MP won't be supporting B.C. Liberals MetroValley Newspaper Group Thu 07 May 2009
Delta-Richmond East Conservative MP John Cummins has come out against the B.C. Liberals in the upcoming provincial election.
09 03 27 rhudson
NDP win this one again. Federal Tories are upset that a federal Liberal was nominated for the BC Liberals for a second time, with a BC Tory running his 3-4% will be just enough to put any shot of a BC Liberal victory out of reach.
09 01 21
Guy Gentner wins this riding hands down, the real contest will be for 2nd. Keep in mind the CPC won the delta north part of newton north delta and that the Provincial tories have a very qualified candidate here that is allready campaigning. I would not be supprised in the least bit if he finnished 2nd.

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