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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011


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2013-05-15 00:33:19

Constituency Profile


Barnett, Donna

Price, Dustin Victor

Wyse, Charlie

Young, Gary

Donna Barnett


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    2009 Result:

    Donna Barnett
    Charlie Wyse*
    Elli Taylor


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    13 05 12 Advance Voting Analyst
    It appears that advance voter turnout in this election will rise in every Liberal-held riding...except perhaps this one. The ten or so other ridings with declining turnout were all won by the NDP in 2009, and all but one of them by healthy margins. Charlie Wyse will win this back; it's one of the first 43 seats the NDP should win so without it their majority would be cooked.
    13 03 26 GV
    Charlie Wyse's loss last time was frankly an embarrassment for the NDP. But the razor-thin margin makes clear that Barnett's hold on her seat is too tenuous even to warrant acknowledgement. Given the populist politics of the region and the candidacy of the well-known former MLA, an NDP win here is guaranteed.
    13 03 24 bza
    This was a narrow loss for the NDP in 2009. With the high polling and with Charlie Wyse running again who was elected in 2005, expect this to be a pickup for the NDP.
    13 03 07 NO PARTISAN BS
    A tight race last time will not repeat itself this time. The NDP with its support gaining in every poll in the area will put this one in their column.
    13 02 18 Laurence Putnam
    Charlie Wyse wants his seat back. Having lost it by a little under a hundred votes last time, I would submit that it is a safe assumption he will get it back. A surprise Liberal seat in 2009, the Liberals would need a surprise of epic proportions to turn the tide here this time.
    13 02 18 Laurence Putnam
    A bellwether for the most part, although it did go NDP in 2005. Definitely an NDP pick-up this go around.
    13 02 10 Jack Cox
    This is low hanging fruit, if Charlie Wyse doesn't go back to Victoria I would be surprised, the polls are much more in favor of the NDP this time.

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