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North Coast

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2013-05-15 00:37:17

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Arendt, Hondo

Fraser, Judy

Rice, Jennifer

Gary Coons


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    2009 Result:

    Gary Coons*
    Herb Pond
    Lisa Girbav


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    13 04 25 Laurence Putnam
    For six brief months under the last NDP government, this riding was home to the Premier - Dan Miller, a moderate populist who has worked extensively in the gas industry.
    Like Miller, NDP candidate Jen Rice offers herself to the public as an experienced Prince Rupert City Councillor. Unlike Miller, Rice comes from the more environmental left wing of the party and has been a vocal campaigner against the gas industry in general and Enbridge in particular.
    This riding will go with the tide sweeping the rest of the province and return Rice and the NDP. However, in subsequent elections, Rice is going to make a prime target for whatever centre-right entity emerges out of the aftermath of this election. Her hard left environmentalist views are more in line with constituents in East Vancouver than the populist blue collar constituents of North Coast who Dan Miller and to a lesser extent, Gary Coons courted so expertly.
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    The name says it all.. NORTH COAST.. and a clear NDP win. The only question is how high the margin of victory.
    13 02 21 J.M.
    There is a post in the Election Prediction Project for the North Coast Constituency indicating that Gary Coons will win the North Coast for the NDP except that Gary Coons, even though he is the incumbent MLA for the North Coast, is not running again. The NDP candidate for the NDP in the North Coast Constituency is Jennifer Rice and I submit that she will win the North Coast for the NDP with the strong backing of her campaign team and a well organized get out the vote operation. The demographics and the issues in the riding heavily favour her.
    13 02 18 J.M.
    There have been three BC Provincial Elections in the North Coast Provincial Riding starting with the 2001 Provincial Election and the NDP has been victorious in two of them. I submit that Jennifer Rice, with very solid support of members of her constituency Association, will retain the Provincial Riding of North Coast for the NDP. As of this date, she is the only candidate to declare her candidacy to represent the North Coast.
    13 02 16 Jack Cox
    Over 57 Percent last election, almost at 60 and the NDP are way ahead in the polls, Coons will easily hold this unless the polls are completely wrong here. In the Overall BC picture the NDP have double digit leads over the liberal not an statistically insignificant margin, of course if the polls shift I'm willing to change my prediction, but for now Coons should be returning to Victoria.

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