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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2017


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2017-01-07 10:17:38

Constituency Profile



Hunt, Marvin

Muniak, Aleksandra

Poelstra, Peter

Smith, Rebecca

Hon. Stephanie Cadieux

Population (2014):59649
Deviation from average:12.30%
Geographical Area:55 sq km
2013 Election Result
Stephanie Cadieux*
Harry Kooner
Howard Wu
Matt William Begley
Previous Prediction - 2013 Provincial Election
Previous Prediction - 2009 Provincial Election


31/03/2017 South Islander
Brian J, if the Conservatives manage to pick a solid leader who sues his way into the debate, then puts on a surprise stellar performance and causes his/her party to surge in the polls in a mid-campaign political realignment that reduces the incumbent party to 3rd party status (like Gordon Wilson in 1991), they could win here. But they have no leader, no money, only 6 candidates nominated, and interviews (not nomination meetings) scheduled in a handful of other districts, so that seems unlikely.
17 01 05 Brian J
I'm really trying to think of conditions that would make this seat anything but a BC Liberal cake walk, but I can't think of any really. Homeowners, young families, new developments, and a rodeo every summer. Yee-haw!
17 01 05 Jack Cox
Stephanie Cadieux won here by 30 last time, she won't win by the same amount but she'll still win easily.

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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2017
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