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Ontario Provincial Election - 2018

York South-Weston

Prediction Changed
2017-12-14 21:38:39

Constituency Profile



Albanese, Laura

DeMontis, Mark

Hassan, Faisal

    York South-Weston
   Hon Laura Albanese

   (100.00% of voters in new riding)
   2014/2008 Predictions

Population (2011):116606

2014 Election Result:
Transposition courtesy of Kyle Hutton

15669 47.85%
3687 11.26%
12200 37.25%
797 2.43%
OTHERS 395 1.21%
Total Transposed 32748

Component Riding(s) & Votes Transposed

    York South-Weston

Total Transposed32748

Federal Election Result (2015):

Ahmed Hussen
Mike Sullivan **
James Robinson
Stephen Lepone
John Johnson


21/12/2017 Gabbith
Another seat the NDP could make interesting with current polling levels. I think too close to call for now.
15/12/2017 M. Lunn
I wouldn't call this for the Liberals so fast. In the last two elections, the NDP almost won this so yes at the moment the Liberals are favoured but any slight momentum for the NDP and they could pick this up. This is more your blue collar populist type which Howarth is well suited for as opposed to your latte sipping liberal type riding. This area did after all vote for the Ford Brothers municipally so has a more populist than elitist tone to it.
11/12/2017 seasaw
I know the NDP has high hopes for this riding and let's face it two of their former leaders, Bob Rae and Ted Joliffe were from this riding. But let's face it, they haven't won here in a general election since Bob Rae retired. Also, remember, Rae didn't win here by much in 1985 and very nearly lost in 1987. These facts coupled with Laura Albanese's performance as MPP, make this a safe Liberal seat

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