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Boutin, Louise

Chocyk, Naomi

Hanson, Yvonne

Noormohamed, Taleeb

Segal, Zach

Wilson-Raybould, Jody


Jody Wilson-Raybould

Population (2016):
Population (2011):

Private dwellings:
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22.39 km²

2015 Results - 2015 Prediction
   Reference - Pundits’ Guide (2013 Rep. Order)

Jody Wilson-Raybould 2364343.90%
Mira Oreck 1446226.90%
Erinn Broshko 1402826.10%
Michael Barkusky 16913.10%

2011 Results (redistributed)

Other 3740.86%

Component Riding(s) (2003 Representation Order)

   Vancouver Centre
   (34.83% of voters in current riding)
   2011/2008/2004 Predictions
   Reference - Pundits’ Guide

   Vancouver South
   (27.19% of voters in current riding)
   2011/2008/2004 Predictions
   Reference - Pundits’ Guide

   Vancouver Quadra
   (19.47% of voters in current riding)
   2011/2008/2004 Predictions
   Reference - Pundits’ Guide

   Vancouver Kingsway
   (18.51% of voters in current riding)
   2011/2008/2004 Predictions
   Reference - Pundits’ Guide

19/10/19 R.O.
New riding poll from mainstreet has Raybould leading here, she seems to have enough personal profile to hold the seat.
Mainstreet polls have Wilson-Raybould leading in Vancouver Granville,By Marco Vigliotti. Published on Oct 19, 2019 12:00am
15/10/19 Eddie E.
At the start of the campaign this was a toss-up, as seen in the Sept. 28 poll. Actually, l think that the poll itself hurt the Libs as it showed a tight 2-way race, thus had the potential effect of consolidating the strategic vote (from both left and right) behind JWR, which would have allowed her to squeak in. However, with the Liberals now dropping support nationally...this has gone from TCTC/lean JWR to a comfortable JWR win. lMHO lt won't even be particularly close.
12/10/19 Bo
As the Liberals tick down in support nationally, I think that Jody Wilson-Raybould will manage to squeak by the Liberal candidate. If Trudeau had managed to improve his favourability ratings this election campaign, she might've been toast, but his continued struggle is a massive boon to her re-election chances.
09/10/19 South Islander
Signs are not indicative of overall support, and certainly aren't better indicators than actual polls. It should be no surprise that people supporting JWR would do so proudly and openly with signs in their yard, while those sticking with her former party would do so more quietly. The September 24 Mainstreet poll reaffirmed their August 28 finding that Noormohamed is ahead of JWR by 3%. Mainstreet got Jagmeet Singh's byelection win absolutely bang on (getting the LPC and NDP each within 0.3%!), so I am inclined to give their two polls showing similar results to each other more weight than Justason given their recent bang-on prediction in another Metro Van urban riding. It is also worth noting that the August 28 poll asked voter intention by party before polling on candidates, and LPC beat Other by 23%. This poll was pre writ, and many of the people who answered LPC then JWR will more likely be aware by Election Day that JWR is on the ballot as an independent. However, while JWR’s name will appear on the ballot, surely a significant number of voters will disregard candidate names on the ballot and vote by party even if they prefer JWR to Noormohamed. I also assume that many late undecided voters are strategic voters watching the national horserace. As it remains deadlocked 12 days out and news outlets continue to write about the possibility of Scheer becoming PM, these strategic voters will break for the LPC. JWR apparently has raised more than enough money and seems to have a solid campaign, but Noormohamed has the Party’s local war chest and has a substantial campaign team of his own. He also has the support of the LPC's Vancouver machine, which is likely focused here and on Kingsway rather than their 3 safe seats and lost cause in Vancouver East. And he also benefits from the national campaign support, advertising and coverage. If polls indicated JWR had a significant lead, I would be more inclined to think she was the favourite, but there are just too many factors working against her here as an independent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_polling_for_the_2019_Canadian_federal_election,_by_constituency#Vancouver_Granville
06/10/19 MF
I am calling this for Jody Wilson-Raybould. Neither the Conservatives or NDP in a position to take the riding - it's a Liberals vs. Jody race. Enough Conservative, NDP, Green and even soft Liberal voters will be in her camp to be re-elected as the MP for Vancouver-Granville.
02/10/19 Physastr Master
Let's be honest, that riding poll came from a better time for the Liberals. They aren't exactly riding a wave of goodwill right now, and contrary to a previous poster, independents are not alien in BC. I lived in this riding for a while, and I know people from across the region, and whether talking to New Democrats, 2015 liberal voters (excluding extreme Liberal partisans), Greens, or even Conservatives, people respect JWR, and some are even willing to campaign for her while voting Green, NDP, or even Liberal (yes, actually) in their home ridings. I think that's indicative of a pretty powerful, almost regional movement to let JWR head back to Ottawa. If Trudeau was riding another wave, JWR would get swept up, but Trudeau's favorability is in freefall and unlike elsewhere where the NDP or Greens might split the vote and make something weird happen, I am confident that the progressive anti-LPC votes, along with the votes of anti-Trudeau Conservatives are consolidated behind JWR. I wasn't sure a few months ago, but now I don't think it will even be close. JWR should be heading back to Ottawa easily.
27/09/19 A.S.
Don't forget the most momentous BC Federal independent in recent times: Chuck Cadman in Surrey Centre in 2004.
26/09/19 RoiJosiah
I live and work in this riding. Just from driving around throughout the riding, there are probably more JWR signs than all the other signs combined. Notably, there are very few NDP signs. Some of the dwellings that traditionally put up conservative signs in previous elections (e.g. federal Conservatives, provincial Liberals, or municipal NPA) have put up JWR signs this time, which is highly unusual. There is even a street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood with 4 houses in a row having JWR signs. Of course, signs aren't everything. But if they are an indication of momentum, I think JWR will scrape together enough votes to put her over the top.
25/09/19 Laurence Putnam
I'm going to retract my original prediction that the Conservatives would benefit from splitting (something which I think they could have done, but don't appear to be doing) and - to my shock and dismay - join the chorus of those predicting that we are at the precipice of re-electing JWR. The central basis for my change of heart is the utter collapse of the NDP vote which I think will gravitate to Jody. If her support is limited in this riding you certainly wouldn't know it by taking a drive through it - there are Jody signs everywhere. Neither do I think it is so far fetched that an Independent would win, from Andre Arthur to Chuck Cadman to John Nunziata and Gilles Bernier, we DO elect Independents in this country - albeit rarely. But I think JWR's profile is comparable to those other names and I agree that she has cross-party appeal. I think there are Conservatives in the riding too who would even rather have Jody in parliament as a thorn in the side of Trudeau than to elect a Tory anyway. The Liberal candidate is an impressive candidate on paper - but how many of those have you seen run and lose?
25/09/19 A.S.
Re independents in BC: Vicki Huntington won provincially in Delta South as an independent in 2009 and 2013. So even in recent times, it's been ‘doable’.
24/09/19 JSn
JWR made fatal mistake not joining the Greens. An independent is a near-alien concept in BC where even the municipal elections have party brands. A stupid Green constitution prevents even co-nomination or endorsing an independent, while the NDP provincial-federal fused membership also prevents cooperation.
End result: JWR can't get any party endorsement and has to fight upstream against 4 national campaigns. Can't see a win here. If it is, credit the campaigners.
21/09/19 Eddie E
One of the more interesting ridings to watch election day. l had JWR winning this easily until the nomination of a strong Liberal candidate (contrary to what a poster wrote below). Still, due to JWR’s profile and unique ability to steal strategic votes from both the Cons and NDP she should be able to consolidate the non-Lib vote and prevail here.
12/09/19 South Islander
I found the poster Conservative's comment that the LPC candidate is not of a high enough calibre to take the riding to be strange. I had previously read about him and remembered his bio to be impressive, so I googled him. He's a tech entrepreneur who has also worked for PMs Chretien and Martin in the Privy Council Office, and served as VP Strategy and Partnerships for VANOC and was director of the Air India Review Secretariat. He attended Princeton and Oxford. He is fluent in English and French, and speaks a further 6 languages. He was named one of Vancouver's top 40 under 40 in 2012. He has received a Governor General's Caring Canadian Award in 2007 and a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for community service. This resume probably has something to do with him beating his party's spread in 2011 in North Vancouver. Although I concede that calibre is subjective, one has to wonder what Conservative would consider sufficiently high calibre to have a chance, or whether they even bothered to google him.
09/09/19 Conservative
Jodie WR is very popular here with her support crossing all 3 party lines. the Liberal candidate is not of high calibre enough to take this riding
03/09/19 South Islander
I'm surprised that not a single person has predicted that the LPC will win here since SNC Lavalin broke. Polling in early April showed JWR leading the LPC by 9, in late May she led by only 3, and the latest poll shows her trailing by 3. SNC's significance seems to be waning. Some voters are still upset, but everyone now basically knows who did what and why. The war chest JWR had 3 years to build as a cabinet minister stays with her former party and she had to start from scratch. JWR's book launch during the middle of the campaign might be a good strategic move if her primary goal is to sell books but seems like a strategic mistake if she wants to win reelection. Taleeb Noormohamed is also a very impressive candidate who managed a respectable 17,600 vote tally in North Vancouver during the 2011 meltdown. Unless SNC becomes the decisive issue of the national election - and I don't think it will because it has already been explored and factored - I just don't see JWR holding on here.
30/08/19 Marco Ricci
A new Mainstreet riding poll shows a close race between Liberal candidate Taleeb Noormohamed and Independent candidate Jody Wilson-Raybould, with Taleeb Noormohamed narrowly ahead:
Noormohamed (28.6)
Wilson-Raybould (26)
Conservative (14.9)
Green (9.2)
NDP (7.3)
28/08/19 A.S.
The Mainstreet polls here and for Markham-Stouffville prove what I had an inkling about: that opposition splits like this do *not* necessarily elect Conservatives, and in fact the supposedly "solid" CPC base isn't as solid as it looks (and not just on behalf of PPC)--whatever their natural inclinations, a lot of those voters are more than willing to park elsewhere in order to "send Justin a message". And besides, compared to 10 or even 5 years ago, the Con-or-die base in urban Vancouver has been in sort-away mode; and it's not like Scheer offers a suitably cosmopolitan message to draw them back in. Given the degree of good will JWR has generated, one might even wonder whether, come E-day, she'll have a "Hedy Fry 2015" scale of mandate--though I wouldn't go that far...
28/06/19 Chris Hecker
Everyone may not love Jody, but they don't dislike her. More importantly, she has shown enough guts and character that everyone respects her. Those who don't have her as first choice will have her as second choice, except for a small number of fierce Liberal partisans.
Suppose those Mainstreet poll numbers hold 'till election day, or have the Liberals leading and the other parties considerably in arrears. Conservative, Green, and NDP voters will ask themselves, would we rather have a Liberal 'yes' candidate to represent us, or an independent member who has demonstrated her integrity under fire? I think the answer is obvious.
For the same reason, any two-way race between JWR and *any* other party candidate, strategic voting is likely to give JWR victory. The only way the vote split won't favour her, is a close 3- or 4- way race where other party supporters all think they have a chance to win.
Not only does JWR have a clear shot at winning, she has considerably more than a 50% chance to take the riding.
20/06/19 Marco Ricci
Islander, Elizabeth May said in an interview on CTV that the Greens will run candidates against Raybould and Philpott, but that they won't be full-scale Green campaigns.
12/06/19 Islander
I don't expect the Greens to run a candidate here, so I'd imagine that much of their support on the recent poll will go to Jody instead. That puts Jody at a reasonable enough margin over the Liberals that I'd call this a decently safe bet. Also, the Conservatives apparently not gaining support here is worth taking note of.
03/06/19 Marco Ricci
A new Mainstreet riding poll shows a close race between Wilson-Raybould & the new Liberal candidate: Wilson-Raybould (32%), Liberals (29%), Conservatives (20%), Greens (10%), NDP (8%)
03/06/19 Dr. Bear
Everyone DOES NOT love Jody. While she certainly has her fans, some of her (and Jane's) biggest cheerleaders are the two main opposition parties. The reason, she (and Jane and Celina) did what the opposition parties failed to do over four years: damage the governing Liberal party and Justin Trudeau. These opposition partisans are not going to support Jody in the election, but rather take the opportunity to try and win this seat. An opportunity that did not exist before this whole kerfuffle started. As well, there are many non-partisans who will/have looked at what happened, and not see a "woman who spoke her truth and stood up to authority", but rather someone who is manipulating an in-office disagreement with their boss to their own advantage. There will be comparisons to Bill Casey and John Nunziata, but both of these MPs were seen as fighting directly for their constituents (saving the Atlantic Accord and killing the GST respectively). Jody can not make the same clear cut claim that Trudeau was doing something directly against the best interests of the voters of Vancouver-Granville. As such, she will not get the same level of support as Bill and John did in their independent election runs.
Now that's out of the way, unlike with Jane in Markham, I do not think Jody is in a hopeless situation. I do think she has a decent chance at winning this seat. The poster with whom I, so far, agree with most is Laurence Putnam. A very good analysis of what likely will happen. That said, I do have a few aspects where I disagree with him. Here's how I see the various players panning out:
Greens: Will not run a candidate, especially after Jody and Jane's public comments about being "natural allies". While the party constitution requires all ridings to have a Green candidate, I think it'll be either a paper candidate or one who will step down and endorse Jody.
Conservatives: Would have won this riding in 2011 if it existed. There is significant support for team blue here. That said, Conservative support has not increased substantially in Vancouver/Vancouver Island (many polls show lost Liberal support not heading to the CPC). This leads me to believe that the CPC will get between 25 - 30% of the vote in this riding.
NDP: Singh has tried hard to return the party to it's glory days in the mid 90's. Under those conditions the NDP won't have prayer.
JRW: She will get a good chunk of the vote. However, I do think she will suffer from the Green Party phenomenon: stronger support in the pre-election polls, but lower support on election day (see Liberals below). She'll do better than Jane in Markham, but still under 30%.
Liberals: Despite their record, strategic voting will be their friend. This is a progressive riding and voters generally do not want another Conservative government. If it looks like a minority government (of one colour or another), then many voters will hold their nose and vote Liberal (an example: my sister-in-law's mother is a dye-in-the-wool NDPer in Edmonton-Mill Woods. She is planning to vote Liberal for the first time in her life to prevent the CPC winning her seat). Conversely, if the Liberals are clearly doomed, then strategic voting goes out the window.
At this moment in time, I say TCTC in a three-way race: LIB/CPC/JWR, with JWR being the king maker. If the Liberals are looking like they'll crash and burn, I expect a CPC/JWR two-way race.
28/05/19 seasaw
Jody Wilson-Reybould will run and win as an Independent. This riding belongs to Jody Wilson-Reybould.
27/05/19 Laurence Putnam
Well it's official...JWR is running as an independent. I'm going to make what I think if my craziest call yet to date, though the more I think about it I don't think it's so crazy.
Does this really sound that far fetched?
CON 30%
LIBS 25%
NDP 20%
JWR 15%
GRN 10%
(We could split hairs and argue whether you want to swap JWR & NDP result, or tweak numbers a little bit here and there but I digress...)
Given current trends this does not seem too far of a stretch to me. Anyone that voted Conservative last time is still voting that way...there will not be a lot of Tories who decided that they were wrong about Trudeau, or who like the more clearly defined left wing vision of Jagmeet Singh. That segment of voters is solid as bedrock and they were probably going to pick up a few more anyway. That's what the recent BC by-elections seem to have shown as well.
So with a good local campaign and a FOUR WAY progressive vote split, I would say a Tory with 29-33% of the vote (they would have got 35% in 2011) can win this and enjoy the brief experience of being an MP without the financial security of the pension which as I recall you have to serve six years to get. In other words, I would see this riding being handed back to the Liberals in a subsequent election.
27/05/19 Jacopo Peterman
I think Ms. Wilson-Raybould will eke out a victory here as an independent. I think she will get about half of the Liberal vote she got last time, a few sympathetic Tories, a LOT of sympathetic votes from the collapsing NDP and...who knows...maybe the Greens will stand down in this riding.
27/05/19 Marco Ricci
Wilson-Raybould announced today that she will be running as an Independent. She may not get enough support to win, but perhaps the pollsters will conduct riding polls to provide more information here.
27/05/19 Cookie
Jody Wilson Raybould has chosen to run as an independent. She is popular among both right-leaning and left-leaning people. Now that we know that she's committed to running as an independent, she will most certainly drain votes from the Liberals and possibly the NDP, making this a race between her and the Conservatives. I believe she'll pull through.
14/05/19 Sam
Fully agree with what Laurence Putnam said. The Green/Independent candidacy could play spoiler to the Conservatives. Sure, JWR is a popular MP, but the election campaign is between the governing Liberals and the other parties. It's not like Bill Casey who was sticking up for his constituents in his vote, but rather, it will be sympathy and respect for JWR. Now, I believe that such sympathy and respect exists, but I don't believe that will be entirely the main issue. Too early to call.
08/05/19 Laurence Putnam
I think a lot of people are vastly overestimating the personal appeal of JWR...if she does run as a Green it definitely is a huge game changer, and she will draw a lot of votes...but she's starting out with a base of 3%. Even getting that to 25% is going to be difficult.
It's just a very broad assumption that to assume because JWR was mistreated in the SNC-Lavalin affair that a wave of sympathetic constituents will re-install her as an MP from the fifth party as some form of poetic justice aimed back at Trudeau. Many constituents vote purely along party lines and the Liberal machine here will still pack a wallop.
I'm thinking the real beneficiary here of a JWR Green candidacy is probably the Conservatives. With a possible ‘progressive’ 3-way split they wouldn't need much to win. This is an affluent riding in the West side, absent Kits and UBC. Had it existed in 2011, the Conservatives would have won it with 35%. They may not need that much to win it this time if JWR runs a strong Green campaign.
08/05/19 seasaw
A prediction made based on the assumption that Jody Wilson-Reybould will run as an Independent, if she does, she will win. She'll win if she decides to run for another party as well. If Jody doesn't run, then this will become a three way race between CPC-NDP-Green.
24/04/19 Right Honourable Adult
Where Judy goes, this riding goes...and really this prediction is more about what party I think she's pick (based on her comments so far).
08/04/19 Mizisuga
Wild card now. No matter what party JWR runs in, even as an independent, she can succeed. I don't see her joining either the Conservatives or NDP, judging by her attempts to remain within the Liberal caucus, and considering the substantially environmentalist stance that Liberals have taken, it really does not seem far off that Wilson Raybould could join the Green caucus and actually win.
02/04/19 seasaw
My previous prediction turned out right, Jody's no longer a Liberal. If she runs, she'll win regardless of what she runs under. If she doesn't run, then, don't know who's going to win, I know who won't win, the Liberals.
31/03/19 Craig
Jody Wilson-Raybould will definitely be re-elected, as she has become even more liked here in the SNC-Lavalin fiasco. However, what banner/affiliation will she get re-elected as?
If Trudeau is still PM (which seems likely), I'm going to make a guess that she gets re-elected as an Independent. I can't really see her crossing the floor from the LPC to the CPC or NDP, although she could win in either banner as well.
28/02/19 Teddy Boragina
This is the riding of Jody Wilson-Raybould, and as such, if she is tossed from the Liberals and runs as an Independent, she will win this riding. She can win it as a Liberal. She can win it as a New Democrat. She can win it as a Green. She can win it even as a Tory. It's her riding to lose.
27/02/19 seasaw
Jodi Wilson-Reybould will in all likelihood not be the Liberal candidate here, after her testimony, she's most certainly fallen out of not only the PM's but also most of the other Liberal MP's. We'll have to wait and see what she does. It would be hard for the Liberals to keep the riding without Jodi
23/02/19 M. Lunn
Jody Wilson-Reyboud may have received a demotion but this is a fairly solidly Liberal riding. The NDP is strong on the north end but very weak on the south end while Tories strong on the south end but weak on north end. Liberals by contrast are competitive throughout the riding so even if they underperform they should hold this one. As a bonus, any fallout from the SNC Lavalin scandal will likely work in her favour unlike in other ridings.

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