1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Maura Bolger
Progressive Conservative Party:
Joseph Tascona MPP
New Democratic Party:
James Brooker
Natural Law Party:
Mitchell Hibbs
Rudy Couture
W. Tracogna

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Simcoe Centre (93%):
Joseph Tascona
Simcoe West (3%):
Hon. Jim Wilson

Member of Parliament:
Aileen Carroll

Population: 102 097
Avg Household Income 51 688
Language (Home)
English 96 225
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03/10/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
Health care cutbacks et al may bolster opposition hopes; however, if any riding seems tailor-made for the Harris message--booming, young, prosperous, all the virtues of a GTA satellite without the GTA's screaming-meemie hubbub--this is it. (And, of course, remember that it's the centre of Ed Harper's old federal Reform riding.) But considering that the riding's provincial precursor was the only one in Simcoe County to swing with the provincial tide in '87 and '90 (and that Reform lost its federal advantage in '97), don't count anything out.
03/11/99 Email:
This is Reform party country and voted overwhelmingly for Harris in '95. The Tories won't have any problems getting re-electe din the Central 905 area.
03/13/99 mike Email: mktolpud@webgate.net
I am my doubts about Mr. Tascona's chances. He is one remarkably poor campaigner.
05/06/99 Cary Brown Email: carybrown73@hotmail.com
As a native of Barrie, I can tell you that it is, unfortunately, classic redneck country. As a result, it is intensely Conservative. Furthermore, Barrie has traditionally sent do nothing representatives to both Queen's Park and Ottawa and Joe Tascona has been no different. It seems as though Barrie's voters prefer to have lost-in-the-shuffle backbenchers represent them. It's too bad when you consider the rapid growth that Barrie is undergoing and the role they could play in the development of Ontario in the coming century.
05/07/99 Eagleman Email: Codger32@hotmail.com
Tasconna has represented the riding very well with concern for all residents and he has displayed loyalty, honesty & dignity. I would like to give him another term as he is always in the riding and understands our concerns. I am a retired teacher and am ashamed of the way our Teachers behave towards this Government. Teachers' attitudes will reflect on our children. Childish union behaviour is also unacceptable.
05/12/99 Nation Post Email:
For Whom the Bellweather Tolls by John Ibbitson
Though Simcoe Centre may once have been highly volatile, in its new incarnation as Barrie-Simcoe-Bradford it is considered unsinkably Tory.
05/24/99 dhwb Email: dhwbailey@yahoo.com
This is not an iron clad Tory riding. NDP preceded by Liberal have all served. Like all PCs Joe Tasconna is often careless with the truth on money announcements and other initiatives. There are a great number of anti PC voters who are upset with health care and education. As well in cottage country, environment is important. Unlike a previous contributor, I believe the teachers have a valid concern. They are in the system and see actually what is happening. Those with children with special needs are in great peril. Class sizws will climb because every certified teacher is used in the calculation. In fact what is calculated is not a class size but a pupil teacher ratio which for years has been at 18:1 not 25:1 as it is professed. Don't count the Liberals out yet!
05/26/99 dhwb Email: dhwbailey@yahoo.com
Despite what some say, this is not a sure Tory Riding. We have has NDP and Liberal prior to Tasconna. The is a lot of quiet Liberal support amongst teachers, parents, high school students, nurses and other public servants. This could be a cliff hanger to the end. Sam Cancilla, Tasconna's campaign manager conceded in the Barrie Examiner that the result won't be known until the last ballot is cast.
06/02/99 MacLeod, Ian Email:
Although this riding has been quite conservative, many of the new people in this large growth city, may not be voting in the traditional manner. On top of that, I am in a position to have access to door to door canvass results as follows: Total of 9,373 people canvassed.
58 not voting
4,906 Liberal
4,047 Conservative
362 NDP
As you can see, it is still very close and is anyone's seat. But don't be surprised if we have a new government in Barrie Simcoe Bradford.

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