1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction
Oak Ridges

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Vito Spatafora
Progressive Conservative Party:
Frank Klees MPP
New Democratic Party:
Chris Moise
Green Party:
Steven Haylestrom

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Durham York (19%):
Julia Munro
Markham (4%):
Hon. David Tsubouchi
York Centre (42%):
Hon. Al Palladini MPP

Member of Parliament:
Bryan Wilfert

Population: 102 118
Avg Household Income 71 730
Language (Home)
English 85 325
Chinese 5 515
Italian 2 485
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03/22/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
Thanks to redistribution's musical chairs, Frank Klees has been nudged into a riding that contains nothing of his former constituency--no matter; this is a typical likely-PC-hold 905er. Most of it Richmond Hill, where Al Palladini fared best in '95; semi-rural Whitchurch-Stouffville and the northern fringe of Markham are even more solid. But there is definite Liberal possibility here, in case the climate changes--notch it up to the old Liberal standbys, the voters of Italian and Jewish and Oriental origin. (Incidentally, in 1997, it was the newest Richmond Hill neighbourhoods that "went Liberal" with the most relish.)
04/08/99 CNG Email:
Klees completely lost his riding (York Mackenzie) through redistribution. However, the new riding is completely held by Tory incumbents, so Klees shouldn't have much trouble getting re-elected.
04/22/99 W. Cushman Email: wcushman@home.com
In the past in York Centre I've voted NDP, but this time I feel I have to vote Liberal to help oust the Tories beacuse of the savage treatment they have given Health Care (both patients and health care workers) and education (both students and educational workers). I bet I am not alone in this attidude. We have had Liberal MPPs here in the past and currently have a Liberal MP. There is a good chace we can keep Frank Klees from taking Oakridges into which he has been parachuted.
05/13/99 M.S. Email:
A correction to Mr. Cushman's earlier comments. Frank Klees was not "parachuted" into the Oak Ridges riding. Rather he opted to run in this constituency and did so according to party protocol. He secured the nomination through a party meeting and was never APPOINTED by the party or its executive.
Perhaps you are confused with the parachuting of Elinor Caplan who did not face her local electorate or riding association. Mr. Klees did, and therefore, you comments are moot at best.
Nevertheless, Mr. Klees is one of the most hard working and determined individuals in the Legislature. As a backbencher much of his work is not seen, but if you were to poll his former York Mackenzie constituents you would see that he is very active and involved. As a result, his track record of commitment to the community (which very few politicians currently have) will give him the added advantage in this campaign.
05/28/99 Nicholas Walker Email:
This is too close to call. Traditionally the riding around here has gone Liberal in provincial elections. There seems to lot of Frank Klees signs out there. But, not much of his signs are ending up on people's property. Klees moight have too much confidence going in on June 3.

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