1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Dave Ryan
Progressive Conservative Party:
Hon. Janet Ecker MPP
New Democratic Party:
Jim Wiseman
Green Party:
Chris Pennington
Natural Law Party:
Bob Riaz

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Durham West (71%):
Hon. Jenet Ecker
Durham York (16%):
Julia Munro

Member of Parliament:
Dan McTeague

Population: 101 510
Avg Household Income 68 586
Language (Home)
English 94 755
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Too Close
03/14/99 Email:
Janet Ecker should win this but this is one riding labour is likely to put resources into and for the Liberals at that.
04/06/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
This is normally the most Liberal-leaning of the Durham Region ridings--relatively speaking--but Liberalism's never had the East-GTA strength it's had in the West. Instead, the GTA's "Reagan Democrats" have settled around here, forming one of those good NDP cores that later morphed into 90s-style ReformaToryism. It's also (though more and more only relatively speaking)less conspicuously "multiethnic" (read: naturally Lib-friendly) east of Toronto; and Janet Ecker is bolstered by being one of the solider Tory cabinet players. While the Liberals appear to be the more logical opposition choice, the NDP candidate is Jim Wiseman, one of the few 1990-95 ex-MPP "landsliders" (and a lesser one at that)trying for a comeback. Which might mean more likelihood for a split vote...
05/22/99 Email:
I see a change. People are talking that they dislike the changes in healthcare. No matter what Harris is promising the people of Pickering Ajax Uxbridge are not buying it. If you go to the all candidates you will see what I'm saying. Health care and education are tearing the Tories apart. The people don't believe and when you don't believe you change your vote. Based on who they will support they will move to the Liberals

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