1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Tony Genco
Progressive Conservative Party:
Hon. Al Palladini MPP
New Demorcratic Party:
Michael Seaward
Green Party:
Ernst von Bezold
Libertarian Party:
John Genser

Incumbent (old riding composition):
York Centre (33%):
Hon. Al Palladini MPP
York Mackenzie (43%):
Frank Klees

Member of Parliament:
Maurizio Bevilazqua

Population: 103 631
Avg Household Income 80 439
Language (Home)
English 83 215
Italian 12 030
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Too Close
02/15/99 Email:
This has got to be the cloest race ever in provincial election history in my opinion. Vaughn has always been staunch Liberals but with the realginment into Aurora and King, it will be damn close. Most of Harris' support will come from Aurora and King with the towns middle-class environment. The Liberal support will come primarily from the Italians in Woodbridge and Maple (excluding Palladini and friends!) One prime reason for this is because of the Harris government challenging the Catholic teachers, many whom live and work in this area. One thing for sure, it will be close.
03/08/99 SM Virtue Email: svirtue@hotmail.com
I would assert that the candidate, Mr. Palidini, is in a fairly secure riding. I would also asses the riding as one of formidiable Liberial support, but I would think that with Palidini's success in government these past few years, would certainly present a monumental challenge for any up and comming candidates. I would look to the demographic in the area, specifically the Italian vote, which traditionally in the riding has been a Liberal one, and how it has followed Mr. Pallidini.
03/17/99 A. Email:
Frank Klees (now running in Oak Ridges) took Aurora quite solidly last time. Palladini has helped the Tories make major inroads to the Italian community in Vaughan, and despite a couple of minor scandals he's managed to keep his political hide intact. Palladini should be able to handily beat former Eggleton aide Tony Genco.
04/02/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
Whatever happens, this'll easily be one of the most critical Liberal targets in the 905 region, simply by its encompassing the 905's Italian heartland. But the problem is, while Palladini loses his strongest areas (Thornhill, Richmond Hill), that is almost evened out by what he's gained from York-Mackenzie. And if McGuinty's Cordiano snub continues to haunt the Liberals, that means further trouble for Genco--in any case, we might have a real litmus test for future Italian political allegiances here. But however much his performance has improved, Palladini's still got that reputation as one of everyone's favourite Harris cabinet "jokes"--the opposition will love to thrash at him, and that Woodbridge/Maple political history buoys their hopes. And who knows, maybe Aurora's Tory-friendly mangia-cakes will be ticked off at Al Pal's calling them mangia-cakes...
05/12/99 ljf Email:
big al's monkey business with his secretary or girlfriend or whatever she is/was doesn't wash well in this RC area. Al's mouth has gotten him in trouble with the English speaking folks in the riding who don't like his racist remarks. Al's track record as a Cabinet failure and his very poor campaign style/skills are going to lead to a resounding defeat. Any pal of Al's will still vote for him. The question is: who are they?
05/17/99 P.S, Email:
As bad as Al Palladini may be, Tony Genco is worse. I've dealt with this guy before, and of all the candidates I'm aware of, he's probably the worst one. Political hacks make pretty suspect candidates at the best of times, so third-rate political hacks are pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Too bad the Liberals couldn't find anyone else who wanted to run, because this riding might have been winnable with a really good candidate. Obviously, nobody who was actually qualified to run saw it that way, so this riding is stuck with a pretty sorry choice.
05/24/99 Brad Nicpon Email: nicpon@execulink.com
As I have said before, local candidate issues will have minimal effect on voting choice in this election, other than the fact that Palladini was a cabinet minister who's name is fairly well known. Basically, a Tory Cabinet Minister + 905 Effect Region = Probable PC Win.
05/31/99 Just another voter (and part time mange cake!) Email:
Two things will cause "machine gun" Al to go down here; (1) high anti Harris hate ratings and (2) big Al's big mouth. He did it again at the all candidates meeting by telling Italian voters (RC's) that Catholic social teachings had "no bussiness being used against his government" ?? A very twisted man.

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