1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction
York North

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
John Volpe
Progressive Conservative Party:
Julia Munro MPP
New Democratic Party:
Steve Saysell
Natural Law Party:
Kowk-Lin Mary Wan

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Durham York (53%):
Julia Munro
York Mackenzie (57%):
Frank Klees

Member of Parliament:
Karen Kraft Sloan

Population: 99 511
Avg Household Income 61 362
Language (Home)
English 94 300
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03/15/99 A. Email:
Munro's new riding takes in Newmarket, where she was a teacher for many years. Newmarket was Harris' first stop outside Toronto in the last election. Look for another Tory win here.
04/15/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
The far north of York Region, offering typical formulae for Harris victory, from Newmarket's outer-edge 905 suburbia to the NDP-to-Reform "white trash" exurbs of Georgina, and with farms and country and lakefront estates knitting it all together. Real, real comfy.
05/21/99 J.M. Email:
John Volpe is an excellent candidate but unfortunately at the wrong time and place. His history as a principal will sit well with the teachers while Munroe's past seems clouded as to why she left teaching. Harris' platform will sit well with most of the new riding of upper middle class suburbanites in Newmarket so Munroe is likely to win with ease.
05/21/99 R.B. Email: kbam@ican.net
John Volpe is an outstanding candidate in York North. Julia Munro has been by all accounts of everyone who is not a PC supporter an "absentee MPP" who has not responded to the concerns or the needs of this riding. John Volpe is a refreshing change from the Tory Blue. He will actually work in the riding and represent the citizens rather than ignoring them as Ms. Munroe has done. The Liberal candidate has painted the town red with Liberal signs showing massive support for John Volpe. Volpe will be the next MPP in this riding. Without question!!!!
06/02/99 T.F. Email:
Based upon Ms Munro's weak performance last night on Studio 2 and the defection of key people from her first election four years ago, look for a strong chance for an upset here. Volpe has campaigned well and gained much support, slowly and steadily building a base.

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