1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Linda Glover
Progressive Conservative Party:
Hon. Cam Jackson MPP
New Democratic Party:
Danny Dunleavy
Green Party:
Bruce Smith
Natural Law Party:
Regina Law
Anne Marsden

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Burlington South (81%):
Hon. Cameron Jackson
Halton Centre (31%):
Terence Young
Oakville South (13%):
Gary Carr

Member of Parliament:
Paddy Torsncy

Population: 96 779
Avg Household Income 62 276
Language (Home)
English 91 750
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02/26/99 Blair Email: blair@churchill.org
This is Cam Jackson's riding. i believe he won with the biggest majority of any MPP last go around. Once again, he should win handily.
03/21/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
Indeed. Even within the new boundaries, the PCs would come out somewhere on top. The best the Liberals can look to is that they would have won within the present boundaries in 1987 (and that they hold the seat federally). The best the NDP can look to is that they provided a Burlington mayor in recent years. Hard to believe that such a Tory stronghold would be right next door to Steeltown, but so it is.
05/10/99 B. McGarry Email: Bernie_McGarry@chat.haltonbe.on.ca
About the only thing Jackson has done locally is promote foodbanks and use food drives for photo ops. He has always pretended to be the advocate of seniors but hopefully they will realize that the user fees they pay on their prescriptions along with the drugs no longer covered are all part of Harris and Jackson's plan to put more money on the hands of the wealthy.
05/12/99 A.C. Email: acc2@hotmail.com
Burlington has to be one of the best ridings in Ontario for senior citizens Cam Jackson has contributed greatly to the sense of security and safety that most of the over-60 crowd feels today. He's human and can't be 100% correct in everything he does, but I think he's and honest sincere person.
05/12/99 RD Email: robbydee@hotmail.com
The NDP has finally nominated a candidate in Burlington, retired autoworker Danny Dunleavy. Dunleavy is a veteran campaigner, having run federally in Burlington both in 1979 and 1980, provincially in Mississauga in 1975 and in Oakville South in 1990. Even Dunleavy concedes that his chances of winning are "about the same as buying a Lotto 649 ticket".
The Liberals, though, have a very strong candidate in former school board chair Linda Glover. I've seen far more Liberal lawn signs this time around than any time in the past. She might be able to give Cam Jackson a run for his money.
05/17/99 P.B.E. Email:
Jackson will be tough to beat in a riding with plenty of well-to-do constituents who have benefitted from Tory policies which have put substantially more money in their pockets. And they get out and vote. Jackson has also crafted his photo-op image carefully and consistently. However, he has never seriously been put to the test and is really in the Terrance Young mold - a Tory yes man who stands by every policy, no matter how ludicrous. As a former school board trustee, he should know better, at least as far as education policy is concerned, yet he sings the praises of the Bill 160 educational reforms as if they were manna from heaven. He's looks even more like a hack in his quasi-ministerial grey vote long term care portfolio. One hopes that all Burlington seniors (of which there are many)will take the time to look at the opaque figures he qoutes to assess whether they are an election ploy masking serious reductions in health care funding. In Linda Glover, Jackson faces a true opponent - as Chair of the Board of Education she fought hard against the Tory revolution, and in the face of the reforms which emasculated the boards, sought the Liberal nomination to effect change where it now counted. She's running hard on a very comprehensive platform, quite clearly not just a "teacher's candidate". For that matter, the Liberal 20/20 platform is no sop to teachers either. NDP could be a factor in the outcome, drawing away a few thousand votes which could spell the difference. It remains to be seen whether strategic voting makes the difference this time around.
05/18/99 R.P. Email:
Cam Jackson acts as an advocate for the elderly but is noted for saying that Home Care for seniors is nothing more than vacuuming! The winds of change are blowing. Education and Health Care are near and dear to the hearts of all voters in this riding. Cam's record is dreary on both counts. This could be very close!
05/20/99 RAC Email: RACtenor@hotmail.com
Burlington has been Tory riding for many years but it is also home to a huge number of education and health care workers and families. With a former and well respected education trustee running against incumbent Cam Jackson who really can't point to anything he's done constructively and with impact for the riding there could be an upset here.
05/20/99 Greg Mahier Email: gmahier@spectranet.ca
When Cam Jackson first ran for office, I voted for him and I have voted for him ever since. I, like many of my neighbours and friends, will not be supporting Cam Jackson this time. And judging by all the Linda Glover signs in the riding, it looks like Cam Jackson won't be an MPP on June 4th.
05/21/99 Ron Email:
Cam Jackson is so eager to have a newspaper photo promoting the local food bank and claims credit for its ablility to serve sooo many new families in Burlington. Then the next week, when Mike Harris visits, they claim that there is no pverty in Halton and it is not an issue. You got it right Cam. You are responsible for the increased use of the food banks and if there is no poverty, then who is using them?
05/31/99 Ron Email:
Mike Harris was visiting Burlington to give Cam a boost as he is in trouble here in Burlington. Outside his office several protestors were present. One Senior Citizen, protesting against health care issues, was told by one of Cam's workers that she "is just an old lady who does not understand the issues and should go home". Maybe she had some vacuming to do. eh Cam???
06/01/99 KD Email:
Cam has a long history in Burlington. His recent history however, has been to parrot the party line and to refuse to return phone calls from constituents who have been victimized by the Harris policies. He claims there isn't a poverty problem yet, has his photo taken during the food drive. When you call the number on the food donation bags, you get his office. Unlike George Kerr, PC. MPP for Burlington prior to Cam's election, Cam doesn't serve all of his constituents. He chooses instead to give the nod to political funders and friends for patronage positions. Many long term P.C.'s of all ages have had enough of Cam and Harris's "whiz kids".

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