1999 Ontario Provincial Election
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Liberal Party:
Lorne Boyko
Progressive Conservative Party:
Tim Hudak MPP
New Democratic Party:
David Thomas
Family Coalition Party:
Alfred Kiers
Natural Law Party:
John Gregory

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Brant-Haldimand (17%):
Peter Preston
Lincoln (36%):
Frank Sheehan
Niagara South (89%):
Tim Hudak

Member of Parliament:
John Maloney

Population: ?
Avg Household Income ?
Language (Home)
English ?
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02/28/99 NEG Email:
While Tim Hudak only won narrowly in the last election, during his term, the people of Erie-Lincoln have grown to like him, especially the senior population and business people. He should have no problem this time around. Hudak has definately proven himself to be a hard worker and a good representative for this riding. Although he won narrowly in the last election, the seniors and business people have come to like him during his term. Hudak should have no trouble winning this time around. Likely the safest Tory seat in the Niagara Region.
03/09/99 Email:
Although Hudak is a popular politician you have to question his judement in not hiring Mike MacKenzie to run his campaign this time around. "Macko", as he is affectionately know to the locals, ran the most spirited, well organized and refreshing campaign seen in Ontario politics in thirty years. Hudak will rue the day he snubbed the "people's choice".
03/12/99 LW Tapolczai Email: buce@pathcom.com
I have to say I've been very impressed with Mr. Tim Hudak's work in the riding. It's been a long time since we have seen someone with his strong work ethic and dedication to people in Erie-Lincoln. He has been successful in keeping the Fort Erie hospital open, which I believe is a great achievement. I look forward to another term of Tim Hudak's very capable representation. He should not have any problem winning this riding.
03/12/99 JTB Email:
Tim Hudak has impressed many people, both in the riding and at Queen's Park, with his tireless efforts representing the people of Niagara South. He has risen the standard of politicians today to a new level. No matter who the Liberal candidate is, Mr. Hudak should have no problem keeping his seat. Mr. Hudak will win this riding in a landslide victory.
03/18/99 H S Email:
I think it is a real disgrace that the Tories are likely to win this one. Tim Hudak, the tiny Tory MPP, somehow intervened directly with Mike Harris to save the hospitals in Niagara. If that was not enough, Harris is likely to promote Hudak to cabinet right after the election! God help us all!
03/22/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
The reason for Tim Hudak's sluggish 1995 victory is clear; the heavily blue-collar and Catholic Port Colborne has always been allergic to Tories, preferring to lean Liberal or NDP (in effect, as a southward extension of Welland's "Kormos Kountry"). But now that Hudak's boundaries have been extended west and north into very safe PC territory, he can no longer be considered a "marginal". Still, as long as Port Colborne remains part of the riding, I'm skeptical about the inevitability of a PC "landslide". Though keep in mind that even with Port Colborne factored in, Reform managed to come within 12 points of the Liberals here in 1997...
03/26/99 Matt Melville Email:
Fort Erie and the whole peninsula were in economic decline for almost a decade. An improving economy make this a good bet for the Tories. Hudak still has a lot to prove, but on balance has done a pretty good job for the riding.
04/14/99 Mike Chopowick (Choppo) Email: mchopowick@yahoo.com
This riding hardly needs another PC prediction, having had the opportunity to meet Tim Hudak several times, I'd say he has another victory in the bag. Hudak also has the reputation of having some of the best political staff in the province. Erie-Lincoln is also home to many people who have voted Tory since birth, and the culture of the riding appreciates Mike Harris' "tell-it-like-it-is" style of government. The PC's get two thumbs up here.
04/15/99 Charles Martin Email: cmartin@hotmail.com
Hudak knocked on my door last night - campaigning before the election is even called. This guy must really be working hard. If he has worked this hard over the past four years (and I am told he has) he should be ok come election time!
04/18/99 Mike O'Brien Email: l.obrien@nf.sympatico.ca
Tim Hudack will loose this one by a close margin just like he won it. The Liberals will swing it through here by the skin of their teeth with some minor NDP support.
04/26/99 Matt Melville Email:
I want to update my last submission. Not only will Hudak win - but it will be a landslide. His headquarters is up and running, he's been out canvassing on weekends and most seem to credit him with saving the Port Colbourn Hospital. I do not think Hudak was entirely responsible for this, but most think he was. In addition, their are continued rumours of about a cabinet post for Hudak after the election. Harris has come under critisism for not having a Niagara member in Cabinet for the first term - something that will be fixed when Hudak becomes Minster of something or other!!
04/28/99 j.paxton Email:
This riding will be one by a very close margin. I think the differance will be Lorne Boyko's strenght in the Dunnville and West Lincoln part of the riding. Hudak has not represented these areas before and Boyko has a long record of service in that part of the riding. With Boyko winning this part of the riding and Port Colborne always voting for the Liberals candidate, it will make it difficult for Hudak to win the seat. It will be close.
05/03/99 Andrew Scott Email:
An MPP needs to have experience and a record of public service. The Liberal Lorne Boyko was an elected official, serving this region when Tim Hudak was still in highschool. Lorne has a great deal of support from the people in Dunnville who he has worked so hard for. Don't forget that Hudak's best area in the riding was Fort Erie. Now Hudak has attacked the staff at the Fort Erie hospital and caused a lot a angry feelings in town. Lorne on the other hand has gained the support of the staff at both hospitals in the riding and this is why he will be the winner.
05/06/99 St. Catherines Standard Email:
Bradley only MPP with safe riding by Doug Herod
Erie-Lincoln: It's hard to imagine another riding in southern Ontario where the local candidates mean so little. This is not a knock against the candidates as much as it is the composition of the riding. Its geographical boundaries torpedo any sense of community. It stretches from Fort Erie along Lake Erie to Dunnville where it takes a sharp right and cuts a swath through Lincoln. Tory MPP Tim Hudak may be known in Fort Erie circles but in the rest of the riding he's Tim Who-dat? This riding will merely reflect what's happening in the rest of suburban Ontario.
06/01/99 Henry J. Email: stockcar-racing@usa.net
Lorne Boyko has been a workhorse in the western (dunnville) part, serving on H-N Regional council. Mike Harris'arrogance, and Hudak's insulting of nurses should carry Boyko to a very narrow victory.

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