1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction

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Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Mohan Anand
Progressive Conservative Party:
Ted Chudleigh MPP
New Democratic Party:
Jay Jackson
Green Party:
Bill Champ
Family Coalition Party:
Giuseppe Gori
Party Leader

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Halton Centre (36%):
Terence Young
Halton North (100%):
Ted Chudleigh

Member of Parliament:
Julian Reed

Population: 100 335
Avg Household Income 69 264
Language (Home)
English 93 800
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03/20/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
How could a Halton resident *not* vote for a Chudleigh? Or the grandson of a former Ontario premier? And if that wasn't enough, ponder his private member's bill establishing a Holocaust Memorial Day in Ontario--apparently ahead of any similar political entity in North America. It's only icing on the cake that this is Tory-friendly "905 country"--if Mike Harris wanted a paragon of a "kinder, gentler" image for his party, look no further. The opposition will save its switchblades for the would-be sitting-duck Snobelens and Palladinis. They wouldn't *dare* try to massacre Ted Chudleigh.
05/02/99 Email:
It is almost certain that the Conservatives will retain the new riding of Halton. It seems that the 905 is Harris country but anything is possible during an election. Also, the leader of the Family Coalition Party is running in this riding. Harris has some unkept promises among some social conservatives that voted for him last election and whether there are enough of them to make a significant difference remains to be seen.
05/09/99 R. Murray Email: rodmurr@total.net
Ted Chudleigh's condescending attitude, particulary towards teachers and other public sector workers may be enough to make the race close. Voters who look at how much he really has done for the riding may place their vote elsewhere. Part of the riding was Liberal pre '95.
05/13/99 Kathryn Patterson Email:
One thing to be aware of in this riding is that the Liberal Candidate is a retired teacher and, thus, won the candidacy by encouraging his previous colleagues to support him. Many teachers spent the $10.00 to become Liberal party members in order to vote for him. It is their way of protesting the Conservative government. He has no previous political experience, nor is he savvy on any of the other issues: the economy, health care, etc. He'll get the teacher vote, but Chudleigh will certainly win the riding. The economy and tax cuts are primary to this area, as is health care where long term beds have been expanded exponentially during the PC party's term in office. Ted also truly considers the needs of all of his constituents, and how policy can improve their quality of life. He doesn't bend to special interest groups, either, but rather looks at the big picture, so all of his constituents benefit. I can't imagine him losing this riding. He's popular and genuine. We'll all celebrate his victory.
05/13/99 Grizzly Bear Email: thgriz@hotmail.com
Ted Chudliegh cares about the people of this riding as much as Bill Clinton does the truth! I have tried repeatedly to contact Ted and politely expres my point of view and he refuses to return my calls and e-mails. He only seems to make himself available to those who want to hear the "party line". Why can't he ever start a sentence with "In my opinion..." or "I believe.." There are some real concerns in this riding that effects all, and or, some of the citizens. One being the sale of the property at the School For The Deaf, not only in Milton but across the province. Why is Ted so in favour of a deal that sells the sports field and recreation area from all the students (4 schools) that use that facility? Because the rich will get richer??? I believe there are presently 4 developments under construction in Milton alone for the elderly, do they really need the Centennial Forest planted by students of the School For The Deaf?? What else is he responsible for other than the ONE private members bill, Oooohhhhhh, I shake in my boots for he did one thing while in office. (Sorry, two he also got the Niagra escarpment opened up for development, there is real environmentalism at work). If I only accomplished one or even two things in four years of work I would be fired. Well I say it is time that Ted is fired. Before he can collect a pension for doing nothing but kissing up to Mike. Right now we don't have a voice in Queens park we have a puppet. When ever he has been invited to speak on issues concerning interest groups of the riding Ted can't be found. There is a prime example of a caring, concerned, representative for you. I really hope the pawns of the riding and all fence sitters wake up and realize the danger of another 4 years of Ted and Mike doing all they can to make the rich richer and the poor get the h... out of the province. Ted will you be at the meeting May 26th in Milton to discuss the proposed development??? I personally feel the need to have some one else take this riding and province into the future.
05/21/99 Kathryn Patterson Email: Kathryn_Patterson@chat.haltonbe.on.ca
The riding is not represented by Grizzly Bear, who like the leader of his beloved Liberal party is interested only in character assasination rather than the facts! That's too bad. Emotional responses in an election are always dangerous to the reality of the situation. The name Grizzly Bear seems eminently appropriate! Cool heads and truly compassionate people will always win out, thus Ted is a shoe in.
05/26/99 Dan Visentin Email: Dan_Visentin@chat.haltonbe.on.ca
All this gushing about Ted is just too much! Mickey Mouse could be running for the PCs in this riding and they'd still likely win. EVERYONE knows who really makes the decisions for the PCs - his back office boys! Ted is nothing more and will never be more than a Harris "yes" man. But hey, as far as PC supporters are concerned, that's ok. Since the notion of "reality" was brought up, the PC's will likely win this riding for one reason alone: as indicated on the avg household income on this very page, Halton is one of the wealthiest regions in Ontario. Hence it consists of a demographic whose vote is easily bought by a tax cut. If "cool heads and truly compassionate people (will) always win out", then the Liberals or even ("golly gosh!") the NDP will win by a landslide!
05/28/99 Kim Email:
This riding has had enough of the great Harris-Chudleigh myth. Job creation is from the U.S. economy and the Tories think their health care system is good for Ontario too. Mohan has considerable community experience including actively crusading against violence perpetrated on women. The facts around Harris's claims were best explained by Howard Hampton. In short, none of Mike's claims are true. Still within education there are those who profit personally from the tax cuts whose spouse or parents can pay for their health care or private education. Ontario was built on compassion for others and Ted will have to go back to the orchard.
05/31/99 Ron Email:
More untruths and myths from the PCs. The truth be known, the teachers did not support Mohan Anand. Their Candidate did not win the nomination. Mohan is an honest hard working individual that cares about people and is very up to date on the issues. What has Ted done other than play "YES MAN" to Mike? If the PCs would only talk about the issues and forget about Dalton bashing we could have a real election. There is a lot of anti-Harris support in Halton being directed to one candidate, Mohan, (strategic voting) and Ted will fall.

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