1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction
Hamilton East

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Dominic Agostino MPP
Progressive Conservative Party:
Peter Preston MPP
New Democratic Party:
Robert Sutton
Green Party:
Jim Howlett
Natual Law Party:
Laureen Amos
Family Coalition Party:
Edgar Breau
Communist Party:
Bob Mann
Julie Gordon

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Hamilton East (100%):
Dominic Agostino
Hamilton Centre (39%):
David Christopherson

Member of Parliament:
Hon. Shelia Copps

Population: 98 567
Avg Household Income 36 568
Language (Home)
English 81 190
Italian 3 105
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02/22/99 Burke Christian Email: external@msu.mcmaster.ca
This will be a riding that will most likely go Liberal. Dominic is very popular locally and won his riding comfortably in 95. He will also benefit from a strong organization on the ground with most of the Federal Liberals coming to his aid. He also benefits from support from Shiela Copps who has never lost this riding and is very popular. The NDP could possibly break through here, but doubtful given that the Liberals only lost the remaining Hamilton seats by 7,000 votes. He also will garner huge support amongst the ethnic communities in East Hamilton which generally support Liberals.
03/26/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
What a difference a candidate makes. Federally, of course, Hamilton East has been Liberal for eons, culminating in Sheila Copps; but provincially it was long the flaming molten bedrock of Steeltown's union-fueled NDP machine, where Bob Mackenzie earned the party's best result in that magical year of 1990. But he retired in 1995, and his son Andrew was no match for popular municipal councillor Dominic Agostino--and now, thanks to Agostino's personal appeal, the area's as much of a Liberal stronghold provincially as it is federally. History dictates that this riding'll always be critical to NDP hopes, but there's an added wild card: parachuted Brant-Haldimand PC incumbent Peter Preston, who must be kicking himself in light of the less suicidal openings for his party in Brant (encompassing a good part of his old constituency) and Stoney Creek (which adjoins both his old riding and this one). Preston's chances in Hamilton East are laughable, but he could score a symbolic victory for the right if he gets ahead of Sutton--remember that even within the new boundaries, taking in parts of David Christopherson's turf, the NDP stand only 5 points or less ahead of the Tories. But the NDP--third in Hamilton East? Unthinkable...isn't it? [trembles]
04/14/99 Toronto Star Email:
New and desperate politics in Hamilton by Ian Urquhart
Redistribution has shrunk the number of Hamilton ridings to three, of which one, Hamilton East, is more or less conceded to Liberal incumbent Dominic Agostino. The real fights will be in Hamilton West and Hamilton Mountain, which are both on the hit list of Tory ridings targetted by a coalition of unions determined to bring down the government.
05/25/99 Lorne Wilder Email:
Liberal Dominic Agostino will win despite -- or perhaps because of -- the fact he is a media whore and shameless self-promoter. The candidacy of Communist Party of Canada candidate Bob Mann helps Agostino as it will steal between 500-750 much-needed votes away from the traditional strength of the NDP.
05/25/99 Wayne Email: mcnallyw@haltonbe.on.ca
Dominic Agostino has represented this riding very well and definitely is deserving of another victory this time around. Both at the federal and provincial level Hamilton East is liberal territory.
05/26/99 RD Email: robbydee@hotmail.com
Lets not be too hasty about calling this riding an easy Liberal win. Hamilton East was NDP for something like 40 years before Agostino snuck through in '95. As Dalton McGuinty drags the Liberals further and further down in the polls, the NDP is building up steam in ridings like this one.
I'll admit my bias, I'm clearly NDP. I've been canvassing the east, and so far, I''ve been getting a very good response (better, in fact, than the West, where I've also knocked on a few doors for Christopherson.)
The latest Ekos poll (Friday, May 21), showed the NDP double in province-wide support after the leader's debate. The Liberals plummetted by 10%, with almost all of their losses going to the NDP. The NDP may be on track for a late surge, as core supporters in ridings like Hamilton East return to their roots.

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