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Calgary East

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Liberal Party:
Doug Perras
Canadian Alliance:
Deepak Obhrai
Progressive Conservative Party:
Roger J. Richard
New Democratic Party:
Kaie Jones
Communist Party:
Jason Devine
Marijuana Party:
Grant Adam Krieger
Natural Law Party:
Neeraj Varma

Deepak Obhrai

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09/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
This will probably be the weakest riding in Calgary for the Alliance, but it would still take a miracle for anybody else to win it. Alliance victory.
26/10/00 randy gorman EMAIL:
if there was any weak link in the alliance armour in calgary (other than calgary-centre) this is the riding. the incumbent member has been largely absent from the riding and generally has performed poorly in the house.look for an upset in this riding in favour of the liberals, so my sources tell me.
30/10/00 A.S.
Presumably in part for racial reasons, the PCs had their best Alberta result here in '97. Now, in light of the nomination meetings hereabouts, these polyglot NE Calgary ridings are getting to be like NW Toronto ridings with a CA-green filter substituted for the Lib-red filter...
10/11/00 SL
What people often don't consider is that votes for parties other than the ruling party are helpful in determining policy. The Liberals have a long history of softening stupid policies towards the middle ground of other parties with opposite policies if the voters say it is important. My vote to the Alliance will help send the message to the Liberals that they are not successful in several areas of public opinion and one of them is taxes. I want lower taxes with little change to the current systems in place and No new spending until debt is taken care of. I don't care what party brings this policy but the Alliance is the only one making an effort. If I ran my finances the way the Liberals do the RCMP would be on my doorstep taking my house. (Gee-Sir. I was going to pay off my credit cards sometime in the next 20-100 years with an indeterminate amount of money decided after I pay my food bill and buy Stampeder tickets.) I am a realist. The Alliance will form the Official Opposition. They will lose one seat for every seat gained in Ontario. But their popular vote across the country will increase legitimizing them for a long and succesful life in politics.
10/11/00 Blake Robert
This is mainly in response to the gentleman who said incumbent Deepak Obhrai has been largely absent from the riding. Perhaps he should venture into the travel records to see that in his years of public service, Mr. Obhrai has only spent 2 weekends in Ottawa. To me, that's dedication, and that's why Calgary East will solidly return Deepak Obhrai to Parliament.

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