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Hakim Faqiryar
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Dave Boyer
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Ken Sahil

Art Hanger

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09/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
This will be a slam-dunk victory for Alliance MP Art Hanger. About 15% of the population of the riding are presently PAID members of the Alliance - probably an all-time record for any party in any riding.
30/10/00 A.S.
You gotta admire Reform/CA. Hanger started as the epitome of US Republican-type law'n'order zealotry within the Manning caucus. Certainly, he (and Reform) was on a different planet from his constituency's ever-evolving cultural rainbow...wasn't he? Well, looky here, as the nomination meeting proved and the election'll prove again, those multicults and imgorants *are* on-side with CCRAP, after all...
22/11/00 A.S.
And of course, "da Reform Alliance"'ll make double-standard hay out of the fact that, long before Betty Granger, the *Liberal* candidate here was forced to withdraw under a racist cloud with barely a peep out of the pinko media. For that reason alone, watch how the votes tally up here. By default, it could be the best CA riding in Calgary, maybe even Alberta...

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