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Dana Peace
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Jason Kenney
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Ray Clark
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Giorgio Cattabeni
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James Stephen Kohut

Jason Kenney

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09/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
This will be a slam-dunk victory for wildly popular Alliance MP Jason Kenney. Expect his margin of victory to be the highest for any Alliance candidate in Calgary.
16/10/00 PS Email:
Could be close... rumor has it the PCs are running a candidate that could bring some challenges for Jason Kenney... should be interesting. Kenney may be mistaken if he assumes this is his seat.
22/10/00 A.S. Email:
The PCs tried their luck with a star candidate in '97, municipal councillor Carol Kraychy, and Kenney got nearly 2 1/2 times her vote. Unless there's lateblooming Joe Clark-orbit momentum, expect the Lardy Boy to eat up the opposition again.
24/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
I'm hearing rumours that there's a strong challenger from the Tories possible in this riding. Given Mr Kenney's new position as campaign co-chair, he'll be absent from the riding. He's going to be on the campaign trail, and the Ottawa "war room". There could be a backlash against the incumbent because of this. So much for the party of the "local grassroots" -- the candidate doesn't even bother to come back for election-time of all times!
29/10/00 Pundit Email:
The PC's have just landed Ray Clark, their 4th star candidate in the province (along with Joe Clark, Jim Silye [former Reform MP] and Doug Falkner [mayor of Fort McMurray]), with 3 of them running in Calgary. The next four weeks will be critical, but with the Alliance MP in Southeast travelling with Day, there will be little opposition to Ray, in this traditionally PC riding. It'll be close, but count on both Ray Clark and Joe Clark getting elected on the 27th.
01/11/00 Brad Nicpon
Ok... Now this is getting a little bit ridiculous.. I see PC predictions all over the place for Alberta and I'm sorry to disappoint all you PCs but it's nothing other than pure fantasy to believe the PCs will win in Calgary Southeast. Jason Kenney won here with 55% of the vote in '97 and the CA has done nothing but improve it's standing in Alberta after their new leader was elected. Kenney is also the Alliance Campaign co-chair. This has got to be one of the safest CA seats in existence... enough said.
07/11/00 Sandy Berger Email:
Kenney's seat is as safe as his virginity.
09/11/00 Blake Robert
Some facts you can bet on: 1) No one named Clark will win in Calgary 2) This IS Jason Kenney's seat 3) Doug Faulkner is NOT a star candidate in Athabasca... he's just looking for a quick way to end his political career.
09/11/00 Keith Marlowe Email:
Kenney is back in his riding for the 2nd time of the campaign this coming Monday for a Town Hall meeting. The only Candidate out doorknocking is Ray Clark for the PCs. I think that there's enough momentum behind the Tories after a hugely successful debate night. I think the PCs are about to surprise a lot of people. Kenney being somewhat absent as he's on the Stockwell Day Tour leaves Calgary SE at his own expense. Ray Clark is a tremendous man with over 16 years of Calgary Municipal experience as opposed to Mr. Kenney's parachute candidacy in 1997. Ray knows Calgary and people know Ray. Prediction: Kenney deflowered in the last week of the campaign
19/11/00 lrs Email:
as indicated previously- poll in Journal seems to indicate Lib gaining in seat a narrow win but may be decided on turnout
25/11/00 Keith Marlowe
Was at a debate today of the Calgary SE candidates. All of the other parties ganged up on Kenney and basically agreed with Ray Clark throughout. I think an Anybody but Kenney movement is developing in Calgary SE. Why would anyone vote for a man that never bothers to come to Calgary? One of the questions from a self-described undecided citizen was basically "Welcome to Calgary Jason, I'm sure it looks much different from when you were last here".
Ray has knocked about 12000 doors, eclipsing the nearest candidate (Liberals) by about 10000 doors. Kenney has been in the riding 5 times since the writ was dropped for one day each. Clark had the largest press scrum after the debate, many questions about how his experience will aid the citizens of Calgary SE. Definitely a home run event.
26/11/00 C.M.
There IS a "Anybody but Kenney" movement in Calgary SE! This is a man who calls the Liberal government arrogant, but barely bothers to come to his own that's arrogant! He wants to be finance minister, but doesn't even have a university degree...come on! I am a loyal Liberal, but will be voting for Ray Clark as he has the best chance of knocking off Kenney.

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