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Orest Werezak
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Kevin Sorenson
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Verlyn Olson
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Jay Russell
Jack Ramsay
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Valerie Morrow

Jack Ramsay

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09/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
A rural Alberta riding - guaranteed slam-dunk for the Alliance. Jack Ramsay may come in second and cut into the majority somewhat if he runs, but barring some disaster, the Alliance can't lose here.
18/10/00 Email:
I think Jack Ramsay has a good chance of winning this riding as a independent. If not representing the Reform/Alliance banner at least his constituents will vote for him for what he a really is!!!
30/10/00 A.S.
Now that you've all recovered from reading that Jack Ramsay prediction, I'll just remind you that this was the only riding where Reform cracked 70% in 1997. Perhaps people used to call Reformers dinosaurs, but *hey*, they *love* their dinos down in Drumheller...
01/11/00 BDL Email:
Although Jack Ramsay won this riding by 59% in 1997 under the Reform banner, he will not get in this time as an independent. It will be close, but in the end Kevin Sorenson will will. This is Reform/CA territory, and these people would elect an ape if it was a Reformer. This is my former riding, so I know.
08/11/00 Bernard Schulmann
1) I am surpised that Ramsay, a criminal that has not served out his sentence, is allowed to run 2) I am even more suprised that anyone would vote for a sex offender
22/11/00 DLP Email:
I don't think anybody should underestimate the support Jack Ramsay has in Crowfoot. He has been a solid performer in Parliament and a good worker for the riding. In Ottawa, Jack is a somebody who stayed true to his Central Alberta roots. His legal predicament certainly clouds the matter. Tha CA association is badly split and not all support the official candidate, Kevin Sorensen. Despite an overwhelming lead on the first count at the CA nomination, Sorensen barely won on the final count. While on the face of it the CA should win, a strong PC candidate from the northern part of the riding, and Jack's record of service may make this an upset. The perception of heavy handed interference from the Calgary CA HQ to pull Jack's membership, will also help Ramsay in this overwhelmingly rural riding. It's far too close to call. Someone should ask Stock Day whether he would welcome Jack into caucus if he wins.
26/11/00 Clark Banack
A vote split between the the Alliance puppet Sorenson and the real Alliance candidate in Ramsey along with Verlyn Olson's increible reputation, his hard working team, Joe Clark's moementum, and the element of strategic voting added by liberal and NDP supporters is what is going to suprise the nation and give the PC's two Alberta seats. I'm just glad I get to be the first one on this site to predict this.

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