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Hon Anne McLellan

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09/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
Sitting Liberal MP Anne McLellan has made a lot of enemies in her tenure as Justice Minister, and every possible resource is going to be thrown into this riding to unseat her. In 1997, Reform dropped the ball here by nominating an unknown carpetbagger to carry their banner, but the Alliance has not made that same mistake. Popular local entrepreneur Betty Unger - a one-time nomination candidate for Alberta's senate election - will give the Alliance the credibility it needs to have its province-wide momentum finally carry this riding.
13/10/00 Richard Email:
Possibly the most interesting race in the entire election. I was debating whether I should mark it as too close or Liberal. I think that the Justice Minister has a reputation for being a fighter, she won her seat in 1993 with under 20 votes! Last election her plurality increased substantially, and same with her profile. She is now facing a better known CA candidate. This riding is fairly moderate in its conservatism compared to other Alberta seats. I think that with Stock Day's "in your face conservatism", voters who might have decided to vote CA will be scared back into the Liberal column. That is just my guess. This is definitely one to watch.
14/10/00 Michael Cooper Email:
Betty Unger is a well organized, credible candidate. Surprisingly, the biggest concern time and time again expressed by voters in this primarlily blue-color conservative riding is Bill C-68. McLellan has no credibility on this issue. Furthermore, voters are generally tired of McLellan's arrogance and ineffectiveness as an MP. Watch for Unger to prevail with a comfortable margin on election day.
16/10/00 L.O. Email:
Betty Unger, according to her campaign people, has a full war chest and a lot higher profil as a CA candidate this time around. A lot of local media seem to be hinting at her gaining enough strength to take out a minister that hasn't been too popular since the latest round of gun control efforts took effect. Don't rule out a PC or NDP dark horse doing well, but Unger has the lead, the money, and the profile to win this seat. It's just a matter of the organization being ready (yet to be seen in full) and a Matter of avoiding major screw-ups.
17/10/00 Ian Berg Email:
The Alliance organization in that riding does not want to merely defeat former Justice Minister Anne McLellan but beat her soundly. They will mount a bitter "Get Out The Vote" campaign house by house, neighbourhood by neighbourhood to make it happen.
22/10/00 Pundit Email:
The Liberals will keep this riding. Edmonton is very moderate, and the Alliance has moved more extreme under Day. No gains here for the PC's or Reform.
24/10/00 Brad N. Email:
Alright, now this riding is going to be really interesting as the election progresses. First of all if you look at the '97 election results Anne McLellan only won this seat with barely a 3% margin over the Reform candidate Dean Kurpjuweit. It is also important to consider that Ms. McLellan is the justice minister and Young Offenders Act issues as well as gun control are not looked highly upon in Alberta. There are a *lot* of people out to get the Justice Minister, not just Alliance members (though they stand to benefit) but unaffiliated groups and individuals as well. (See Article in the Globe & Mail Oct. 24) Stockwell Day personally opened Betty Unger's (CA) campaign and the CA will be targeting this riding with all the big guns. I expect they will be successful as well. Watch for Edmonton West to go to the Alliance.
30/10/00 A.S.
Sure, Anne McLellan might look like she's en route to getting West Edmonton Mauled, but I'll defer a decision. Especially if an opposite effect's possible; that constituents might get so jaded by the Alliance's "get her! get her!" swagger that they'll case a what-the-heck vote for the four-eyed helmet-head just to say "shaddap, already"...
31/10/00 W. McBeath
To make the comment that Edmonton is very moderate and hence will vote liberal is inaccurate. Edmonton is a mix of a large number of socio-economic groups that have a large number of differing priorities. If you look at previous election results, particularly '97, the majority of Edmonton ridings did not vote Liberal (which is more centre-left than pure centrist, so moderate is not an accurate term to apply to the party). As for the riding of Edmonton-West, support for the Alliance Candidate is broadly based, in part because of her own campaign platform, but also because she is the most likely candidate to remove the Federal Justice Minister from Office.
I also think that support for Ms. McLellan from the Liberal Party will be limited, as "The West" is seen as mostly Alliance Territory. With the Liberals concentrating on Ontario and Atlantic Canada, Ms. McLellan will have an uphill battle to try and bolster her image with Edmonton voters. Her failure to introduce and pass effective Young Offender's Legislation, and the extremely unpopular Gun Legislation will dog her throughout the campaign.
31/10/00 Christopher J. Currie
My prediction: in an election-night cliffhanger, McLellan will hold on by the razor-thin margin of about 70 votes.
03/11/00 EP Email:
As a sign of desperation, the CA camp launched this site: A collection of right wings crap, quoting right wing papers, police union, reform/alliance MPs, even Jack Ramsey.
02/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
The Liberals trail by 12 points in Edmonton ... they might hold on to one seat ... this isn't it.
03/11/00 W. McBeath
This is primarily directed towards the Liberal poster who decided to blame a the Canadian Alliance, or as he would have it, a Right-Wing Conspiracy created the site If the poster had bothered to check his information before blaming the Canadian Alliance for this site, he would have discovered that the site was actually created by a firearms retailer, with no association with the Canadian Alliance, with the possible exception that he supports the repealing of Bill C-68, another piece of ineffectual and costly legislation that will fail to accomplish any of the objectives it was designed to complete. I for one am becomming tired of the 'smoke-and-mirrors' approach to campaigning used by the Liberals during this campaign, preferring to score cheap points on gaffs rather than address the substantial and substantive issues. Canadians are too smart to be drawn in by more political rhetoric from a party who has clearly demonstrated its inability or even desire to serve the public well. As for Anne McLellan in Edmonton-West, CFRN News quoted her as saying "Reform was born in the West... They're feeding off that". Sounds like a defensive statement to me. Maybe she's realized that come December, she'll be looking for a new job, and with no HRDC Grants to tide her over - she might find the experience more than a little unpalletable.
06/11/00 Satya Das Edmonton Journal
McLellan in trouble -- poll
06/11/00 Blake Robert
The first poll for this riding was just released. It shows 40.4% for Betty Unger (Alliance), 24.41% for Anne McLellan, 7.03% for the NDP and 3.29% for the PCs. There is a large contingent of undecideds (24.88%), but the poll says that most of the undecideds are leaning towards the Canadian Alliance. Betty has had more of a presence in the riding as a candidate over the past 2 weeks than Anne McLellan has had for the past 7 years as a crappy MP. Anne McLellan's poor record has essentially shot herself in the foot (i'll bet the gun wasn't even registered). Look for a decisive win by Unger and the Alliance on November 27th.
06/11/00 W. McBeath
Well, for all those who thought that YOA and Gun Control wouldn't come back to haunt Ms. McLellan, it seems that you were wrong. Printed in today's Edmonton Journal and broadcast on Global TV, the results of the Edmonton-West election poll. Betty Unger (Canadian Alliance) - 40.39% Anne McLellan (Liberal) - 24.41% Progressive Conservative - 3.29% New Democrat Party - 7.04% Undecided - 24.88% Betty Unger currently in a commanding lead over nearest rival former Justice Minister Anne McLellan. As well, it is important to note that although marked as undecided, the 24.88% who have not yet chosen a candidate are "leaning towards the Alliance candidate". The poll is accurate to within 3 percentage points 19 times out of 20 (total of 213 people polled). Being the incumbants, ignorance has been on the side of the Liberals, and with every door Ms. Unger knocks on, every phone call she makes, and every sign that goes up on a lawn, more of Edmonton West realizes how ineffectual Anne McLellan has been as an MP and as a Minister. Watch for Ms. Unger to come out shining after tonights debate as the Liberal rhetoric and fear-mongering continues to collapse.
06/11/00 AL
According to a poll commissioned by the Edmonton Journal and conducted by Teleresearch, Anne McLellan is trailing badly with the support of 24.41% of voters to Betty Unger's 40.4%, the NDP's 7% and the Tories 3%. This is without the 24.8% who are undecided factored out meaning that the Alliance has well over half of decided voters in the riding. Looks to me like the Alliance has this one in the bag.
08/11/00 James T. Chlup
I will be very surprised if the Liberals hold this seat. There are just too many factors stacked up against McLlellan.
09/11/00 Michael P. Myk Email:
Unger wins - hands down. Her presence as the Alliance candidate in this riding was established before the writ was dropped, and she has been wholeheartedly endorsed by the Alliance incumbents in the Edmonton area as well as Stockwell Day. The significant number of blue-collar voters are livid over Bill C-68, endorsed by Anne McLellan, who is Ottawa's representative to Edmonton West, rather than Edmonton West's representative to Ottawa (that's why you were elected, Anne). The latest poll shows Unger ahead of McLellan by 16%; the majority of the 25% undecided voters are swinging to the Alliance camp.McLellan is running for her life, and the Liberals know this, hence the pop visits by Chretien and Martin to her campaign office. She even had the gall to hold a press conference in a small park directly across from Unger's residence in an attempt at intimidation. Anne was fortunate to win in 1997. This year she won't be so lucky.
13/11/00 GE
The Alliance will win this seat for many reasons. And all of them have to do with the massive momentum of the Alliance party. Alliance will sweep Alberta, and very cleanly.
15/11/00 former liberal
Madam has alienated too many people with her shrill endorsement of the federalist while at the same time abrogating her higher duty to the members of her constituency and to Canada. As a justice minister, she should be the first out the gate to stop the election gag legislation. Unfortunately, she, like her counterparts in the liberal party, fail history. This is legislation similar to that passed by Hitler in Nazi Germany - plus ca change, tout la meme chose!!!
19/11/00 lrs Email:
Journal poll shows her gaining- she likely slip through again - who can get out vote or turnout if low probably helps CA
20/11/00 WJM Email:
The latest Edmonton Journal poll shows the gap has closed to within the margin of error.
21/11/00 Floyd
I agree with Gord. While I still think Joe Clark has a shot at this seat, Pundit has made his bias all too obvious in Calgary Centre, Calgary West, Calgary Southeast info exchanges.
21/11/00 A.L. Email:
I've never lived in Alberta, so I probably shouldn't make any predictions, but I will say two things: 1) Watch that 24% undecided vote. I remember an election in the UK in 1992 (I think that was the year) where John Major and the Tories trailed throughout the campaign, and many pundits were calling a Labour victory. A huge chunk of undecided votes went Tory at the last minute, and Major squeaked through. No one saw it coming. Translation: while McLellan is definitely in the fight of her life, it could end up being a lot closer that the Alliance thinks. 2) Edward Greenspon had an interesting article in the Globe a few weeks back, where he argued that gun control may not actually hurt McLellan all that much. The stats show that bedrock of opposition to gun control is in not in cities like Edmonton, but in rural areas--which, in Alberta, are all areas which have voted solidly Reform/Alliance for the better part of a decade. Translation: its entirely possible that gun control will not win the Alliance a single new vote in Alberta, because most gun control opponents are already voting Alliance anyway. I'll defer to the experts on Alberta and Edmonton, and let them make the predictions, but I'd be interested to hear some thoughts on these two points. Cheers!
21/11/00 Andrew Steele Email:
Day has been a complete bust for the Alliance and will have real problems sweeping Alberta. Day does not project an image of competence, and that shortcoming is reinforced by the daily "Alliance candidate says something incredibly dumb" news story. The Liberals have poured support into the riding. The local polls show a close rate. But, more importantly, the voters here have a chance at keeping an Alberta voice at the cabinet table or not. These voters know the way the wind blows. They are smart enough to keep Alberta in the game. Remember, anger is easy to see. People put up signs, yell, shake their fist and make loud threats. Contentment makes little noise, but is there in the voting booth none-the-less.
21/11/00 Email:
THe CA has this riding, Mclleland is just too far behind in the polls right now to pull this one out of the fire. Peopel are really angry over her failure to reform the YOA.
21/11/00 Absentee Voter
If Anne wants to win this seat, she better quickly respond to Clark and Days call for a judicial inquiry into the Grand Mere Scandal. Albertans will not put up with a Justice that turns the other cheek on blatant unethical behaviour or patronage.
23/11/00 S.G. Email:
I think Chretien's seemingly bigoted comments about Westerners being of a "different type" will add to Betty Unger's margin of victory on election day.
24/11/00 PP Email:
November 22 Compas poll in the riding puts McLellan ahead by a huge 20-point margin. Colour this riding Liberal red. Sample size was 200 voters (decent size).
24/11/00 paul
The latest Compass/Edmonton Sun poll (Friday, November 23, p.5) gives McClellan a 20 point lead. One should keep that in mind.
24/11/00 Boss jeff Email:
Anne will be re-elected. The people of edmonton west are too smart to say no to having a minister taking care of their riding. it will be close, but it will be anne.
25/11/00 Brian Nash
This is where Joe should have run if he wanted to win in Alberta. I think the Alliance will take this in a cakewalk
25/11/00 Richard Email:
McLellan is going to win... New compass poll has her at 53% to Betty Unger's 32%. She's definitely the comback kid! Next time the Alliance best bring some kryptonite!
25/11/00 Email:
Oh please, does anyone really believe that McLellan has 20 point lead? I don't buy it. Chretien's bigotry will do McLellan in. Betty Unger will be a fantastic and hard-working MP.
26/11/00 MC Email:
A recent Edmonton Journal poll shows that the CA now has a 9 point lead over the Liberals. A poll about a week ago showed the riding as a dead heat.
26/11/00 Chris Delanoy
The Compass poll in an aberation. There have been five others out in the past week showing McLellan 4 to 8 points back, and those seem much more realistic. I've also been privy to the Alliance's internal polling of over 30,000 voters - a much larger sample than just 200 - and, although it'll be tight, it doesn't look good for McLellan. Jean Chretien's kick in the nuts on Wednesday (which required more than two days of heavy damage control by McLellan in the local media here) is just what the Alliance needed to excite their base for GOTV efforts on Monday.
26/11/00 lrs
Chretien screwed her with his"alberta politician" statement- why not go out to help her- LIBS must believe he is so unpopular-cannot risk him appearing in ALTA

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