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David Vaughn Hartigan
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Rick Casson
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Kimberly Denise Budd
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Garth Hardy
Green Party:
Don Ferguson
Canadian Action Party:
Dan Lamden

Rick Casson

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09/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
A rural Alberta riding - guaranteed slam-dunk for the Alliance.
17/10/00 A.S. Email:
As might be expected, the rural parts are a ten-ton weight of Alliance support; but urban Lethbridge is more wishy-washy, and contains the only Liberal MLA outside of Edmonton or Calgary. If the Liberals were aiming as well, well over 200 seats, with a united-middle merger with the federal PCs tossed in for good measure, they might go for it. But not now.
01/11/00 Jolly Taxpayer
You could paint a fire hydrant Alliance green and it would still get 25,000 votes.
12/11/00 otto shannon
Rural voters are mostly voting Alliance. The city of Lethbridge has a high senior population who also supports the Alliance. It appears people are voting for the party leaders since the local Alliance candidate (Rick Casson) has done nothing for the riding in the last 3 years. The firearms issue seems to still be a sore spot in this riding, even though the Alliance has made their position unclear recently they still have overwhelming support. The city has a tradition in re-electing politicians municipaly, provincialy, and in federal elections.
25/11/00 F. Briggs
Alliance will win but they will not get my vote. Stockyard Day is a little too religious for me! I believe he is power hungry and will say anything to get elected.

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