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12/10/00 Richard Email:
Svend stirs things up on Parliament Hill and in his NDP caucus. Whether or not people of Burnaby Douglas agree with his, they respect his passion. He is a good constituency man. Svend will be reelected- possibly increasing his margin of victory.
12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Burnaby has returned a CCF or NDP MP in every election since 1940. Svend will be elected again by a comfortable margin.
Editor's Note: Actually, Liberal Senator Ray Perrault and MArke Raines held the riding of Burnbay Seymour in 68 and 74. NDP defeated Senator Perrault in 72 but came in third in the 1974 election.
18/10/00 Piva Email:
The PC's have a candidate in Burnaby-Douglas, Ken King, who has been helping people stuck with leaky condos, which is a serious issue in BC's Lower Mainland.
19/10/00 worktodo Email:
Expect enough NDP voters to stay home or vote Liberal to trounce the CA.
20/10/00 Milton Email:
Even with one of the most respected candidate, YWCA National president and Party National Vice President Mobina Jaffer, the Liberals were tied with Reform and scored 8000 votes behind Svend. PC was not even in the picture (did they even get 1000 votes?). To think that Svend is going anywhere but Ottawa is purely wishful thinking.
20/10/00 J Smith Email:
Next to Alexa's, this is NDP's safest seat in the country. I would be shocked if Robinson didn't win by 20%.
24/10/00 E Lu Email:
It's about time this riding wakes up. Svend has worked really worked hard for this riding for many years. However, there is a need to bring in a new federal government. Loyal Robinson backers will see the light and vote CA.
24/10/00 Chris Delanoy
There's always an intense, down-to-the-wire race between the Alliance and the Liberals here. Fortunately for Svend, its a race for second. Another easy cruise (no pun intended) to victory.
26/10/00 CM EMAIL: mayor21@london.comTD>
Svend isn't going anywhere. He's popular in his ridingand has a very high profile. One of the NDP's few safe seats.
26/10/00 G Email:
At 9% in the polls in BC it's quite possible that the NDP could lose all three of its seats in the province, including Svend's.
29/10/00 om Email:
Svend is worried. After reading the Vancouver Sun article announcing that Francesca Zumpano will be running against Svend, all he could do was mud sling. His lowly behaviour will be his undoing this time.
29/10/00 A.S.
Ever since Svend came out of the closet, the races here have been "to watch"--in '88, when his sexuality was still a novelty, just to monitor any backlash/exploitation factor; and in '93 and '97 with the additional burden of NDP weakness (and the willingness of candidates like Jaffer to make "NDP's dead" hay out of it). Never worked. And even if 2000 sees the NDP's worst result yet--at least in BC--Svend's the safest he's ever been. Queer, huh?
03/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
With the NDP polling a dismal 6% province-wide, Svend would be in trouble even if they all lived here.
06/11/00 Carl Irvine Email:
THey recently changed the riding boundaries so Sven has to convince a whole new bunch of people to vote for him. His strength was that he was a good constituency man, but now he's lost a lot of that. General animousity against the provincial NDP will probably do him in, although it depends on the strenght of the the CA vote.
Editor's Note: There were no changes for riding boundaries since 1995, from Burnaby Kingsway.
06/11/00 Sandy Berger Email:
Svend is recognized as an atypical New Democrat. He has been critical of the provincial NDP at the right moments and has a high enough personal profile to avoid the province-wide anti-Clark mania. It will be tighter than usual, but he will still come out on top.
10/11/00 Neb Ekmel Email:
Swend Robinsons drive to permit sex with 12 year old boys will not be forgotten by the voters of this riding. people will also remember how Swend went to Cuba and brought back a communist lover who traveled as his "wife" and was to recieve his pension. Swend has become a multi millionare as Canada`s leading Gay politician but has done nothing for the riding.
Editor's Note: In the spirit of freedom of expression I would allow this to be posted. However, I would note that your attack on Svend's personal life because he is the "leading Gay politician" is unacceptably offensive. The references to 12 year old boys and to Svend's personal financial status are defamatory.
10/11/00 Bernard Schulmann Email:
Svend is popular with the people in the riding, he will win again. He is safe even if he is looking a bit tired after having been there for so long (20 years already). Now here is a bizzare but possible prediction, Svend wins but NDP loses party status (yes not too bizzare yet) but then crosses the floor to the Liberals once Alan Rock is PM and personally recruits him and puts him into cabinet...... Not so far fetched as the NDP will cease to be a party in BC in the next 9 months on any level. Look at Bill Barlee, Bill Bell, Francesa Zumpano etc.... that have made the move already.
15/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
Svend Robinson is one of the few NDP MPs who would *never*, under any circumstances, cross the floor to join the Liberals -- frankly, I think he'd be more likely to sit as an Independent Green, if the NDP were to implode. I also think that he's popular enough to withstand the collapse of the NDP vote in BC, to echo the sentiments of some others here.

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