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Alan Thompson
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Keith Martin
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John Vukovic
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Carol Harris
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Casey Brennan
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Paul Tessier

Keith Martin

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11/10/00 S. Sedmak Email:
Keith Martin won this riding with 42% of the vote in '97...with the Liberals splitting most of the rest. Dr. Martin, who has held Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca since 1993, has gained exposure through his campaign for the Leadership of the Alliance. He is well respected in his riding and should have no trouble carrying it once again.
12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Keith Martin is a prominent politician here, after having national exposure in the recent Alliance leadership race. He will be reelected.
14/10/00 Richard Email:
Martin will win. That is a given. What will be interesting is to see what his future in Stock Day's alliance is. Dr. Martin, who favours reproductive choice and doctor assisted suicide is hated by the more fundamental aspects of his party. Will he be denied a good position on Day's shadow cabinent? Will he leave caucus and sit as an Independent or dare I say Tory? I'm curious how this story is going to unfold. But on election expect Martin to recieve one hell of a mandate from his constituents!
16/10/00 Blake Robert Email:
Dr. Martin is a clearly popular MP who'll definetly be returned to Ottawa. Even if he wanted to leave and sit as a Tory, I don't think there'll be much of a tory caucus to sit in!
26/10/00 EMAIL:
It would be a shame if the Alliance lost one of their few moderate MPs. But Martin is very popular and should be elected with well of 50% of the vote.
29/10/00 A.S.
The best Clark/Orchard PC result in BC, if only because he's running for CA. Sure, Dr. Keith may lose some support from party central because he's such a "wet"; but erstwhile NDP/Grits might as well support the schmuck because, well, he's practically "one of them"...
08/11/00 Jim
Having worked for Keith Martin on his leadership campaign and on his nomination, I know him pretty well. He and Stock are friendly, there are no problems between them and Keith WILL be in cabinet in a Stockwell/Alliance government. I have asked that question of both Keith and Stock, and they both tell the same story. The reason he was not in the shadow cabinet was because Keith asked to be left out so that he could finish up a couple of important projects he was working on. Keith knew an election was coming and would have killed his projects had they not been completed. Keith will win his riding, it's a no-brainer. When an ex-tory Christian wing-nut tried to beat him out of his nomination, the general public started calling and buying memberships in order to vote for him at his nomination and he won it 6 votes to 1.
08/11/00 Bernard Schulmann
Keith Martin will win because he is personally very popular in the riding. He is one of the handful of Reform MPs that has understood that oppostion MPs can still accomplish things. He has been seen to effective and not a far right wing nut. He is the sort fo MP that the CA should be running through Toronto and Atlantic Canada to show the party is more than western yahoos. Even with an end to vote splitting to the left of the CA, many people will vote Martin because they like him and not the party
13/11/00 Richard C. Thompson
I have voted liberal since the sixties except once in the eighties when I voted for Mulroney because of my lack of respect for the local liberal candidate.Today, I am faced with that same concern. my riding of Esquimalt, Juan de Fuca, BC the Liberial party has nominated Alan Thompson as my Liberal representative. He has no life experiences outside of universitity, except for being a part time grocery clerk. I realize that the Reform is strong in my riding, nevertheless I take exception to how serious the Liberal party consider my family's vote. I refuse to throw my vote away, therefore I will vote Reform because of their representative. I respect his views even though they may conflict with mine.
15/11/00 B.M. Email:
Keith Martin all the way. The liberals don't even have a big name candidate this time and in the 1997 election, the only competition for Keith Martin was the mayor of Colwood. Look for a landslide in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca for Keith.

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