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Bill Barlee
Canadian Alliance:
Jim Gouk
Progressive Conservative Party:
Michelle Duncan
New Democratic Party:
Don Scarlett
Canadian Action Party:
Bev Collins
Natural Law Party:
Annie Holtby
Marijuana Party:
Dan Loehndorf
Green Party:
Andrew Shadrack

Jim Gouk

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12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Jim Gouk has this riding. Any riding with the name "Okanagan" is in the right-wing "spine" of ridings that runs down the centre of BC and never vote for anything left of Attila the Hun.
25/10/00 Initial Email:
Former NDP MLA Bill Barlee, giving up his old party as a goner, is running as a federal Liberal. Such party-switching'll probably work little or no better for him than it did for Lyle Macwilliam in '97. What's to be monitored, at least for the heck of it, is the Green Party; this is usually what passes for a Green target, and the Barlee strategy might allow them to polevault into third...but I'm getting ahead of myself here...
07/11/00 Bernard Schulmann
Details of an interal poll done for a party other than the Liberals:
Here is a poll that was conducted by xxxxxxx (with 1997 election results in brackets): 276 registered voters in Kootenay-Boundary-Okanagan, margin of error +/- 5%, conducted between November 1st and 5th. Alliance 37% (46.8%) Liberal 32% (17.5%) NDP 12% (21.9%) Green 8% (6.1%) PC 2% (5.6%) CAP 1% (.9%) Marijuana 1% - CHP - (.8%) NLP 1% (.5%) Undecided 6% The NDP are lower than there previous worst showing in 1993 (16.5%) and the PCs continue to go down from 8.9% in 1993, to 5.6% last time. Bev Collins achieved 8.4% running for the National Party in 1993 and then sank back to .9% last time.
Former BC populist NDP Cabinet Minister Bill Barlee is running as a Liberal. Jim Gouk is the weak CA MP. More of a drop in the NDP and/or green vote would elect the Liberals in this riding and propel Bill Barlee into Cabinet.
07/11/00 BAF
Bill Barlee has a good chance of taking a run at Jim Gouk. Gouk has carried little weight in Ottawa within his own party and clearly less with the government. The momentum will shift to Barlee if he can successfully communicate this failure by his opponent with voters.
10/11/00 neb
Bill Barlee is well liked as a person in the riding ,but the liberals and their gun confiscation law are hated in this rural riding
15/11/00 eclatnet Email:
I can't speak for other towns, but in Nelson there are so few lawn signs it's possible to forget the election is even happening. I wonder if there will be a low turnout here or elsewhere, and if so how this might affect who wins in this riding.

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