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Jim Abbott
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Jerry Pirie
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Andrea Dunlop
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Jubliee Rose Cacaci

Jim Abbott

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13/10/00 A.S. Email:
Before 1993, a PC-NDP swing riding. In 1993 and 1997, neither PC nor NDP earned back their deposit. Given the trends, it may be uncertain whether their *total* vote will hit deposit-level this time around. With a 60%+ 1997 mandate, this is safe Alliance, indeed...
13/10/00 SAS Email:
Jim Abbott has been here since '93 because of good communication with his riding. In the '97 Federal Election he carried 62% of the vote, and should carry another majority vote in Kootenay-Columbia easily.
21/10/00 RH Email:
Jim Abbott has done a good job and is well respected. The other parties are going nowhere fast in Kootenay-Columbia.
26/10/00 Tobias Email:
I think Jim Abbott will take back this riding for the Alliance. Just as an aside though, Abbott seemed to disappear for a while, for who knows why Manning decided to take him out of the shadow cabinet.

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