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Randy White

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12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Randy White is a very popular anti-crime MP, it will be a cake walk for him.
26/10/00 CM EMAIL:
The heart of the BC Bible Belt. MP Randy White has also been very visable in the riding. Alliance in a landslide.
29/10/00 A.S.
Peter Warkentin won only 2 polls and was chased elsewhere. Chuck White, Randy Strahl, sitting in BC's version of Simcoe County; outer-edge satellite cities, agriculture aplenty, God's Country just beyond and as common-sense conservative as they come...
16/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
The family of Heather Thomas has attacked Randy White for using her image in one of his "tough on crime" leaflets, I see. This could (in theory) have a detrimental impact on Reform candidates elsewhere -- unfortunately, it won't stop White from keeping his own seat.
17/11/00 Chris B
I hate to say it but I think that Randy White will win, in spite of his having done not a single thing for the riding (where I live) in the past 7 years. We have been completely ignored by the federal government while our MP postures on the national stage about law and order (despite the crime rate of our riding being about the lowest in B.C.) This area is just solid reform country and a CA dog could win it. In fact, its too bad the CA doesn't run a dog because it would be a more effective representative.
26/11/00 Keith Richmond
Randy will handily win this riding despite the distasteful manner in which he distanced himself from Preston Manning a few months prior to the Alliance leadership race. Liberal Steve Ferguson will finish second but will not come close to White. Bev Brataan's even tempered approach and her youthful good looks will gain her some votes but the Tories all but dead here.

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