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Hira Chopra
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Jim Lunney
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William J.McCullough
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Bill Holdom
Brunie Brunie
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Marty Howe
Marijuana Party:
Donald Lavallee

Bill Gilmour

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12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
The local Alliance constituency is split between moderates and fundamentalists, but their candidate will squeak through.
21/10/00 CM Email:
The Alliance constituency association has had a lot of infighting and there could be fallout from the unpopularity of the former MP Bill Gilmour.
29/10/00 A.S.
Sheer party momentum'll sweep away infighting and past members' unpopularity anyday--hey, "back of the bus" comments by an ex-Nanaimo MP didn't hurt Reform last time. And in spite of Dave Stupich, the will to unite the left under Liberal is still very uncertain up Nanaimo way...
23/11/00 Jim Herriott
This riding will not be as easy for the Reform Alliance to win as they think. The division in their own ranks has weakened their chances with many of their members and supporters switching their support to Bill McCullough. The abortion issue has also hurt the Alliance candidate, as by his own public admission is a pro-life supporter. The Liberal candidate does not have a grasp on his own party's policy's and platform. Several people that I have spoken to, that were going to vote Liberal to stop an Alliance win here have decided they can not vote Liberal after seeing Chopra's performance at all candidate meetings and have now decided to vote PC. If this trend coninues it is quite possible that Bill McCullough could be our next MP.
24/11/00 Ron Gladstone
In terms of quality of candidate, Bill McCullough is by far the best informed, most articulate and most impressive as a potential MP for the constituency. It is very noticable that, during the past week or so increasing numbers of people have indicated that they will be supporting him, rather than the Alliance or the Liberals. There seems to be a sea change in his favour that may well overturn the expectations of those who thank they can sit on a pevious lead. In particular, more moederate right wing supporters are chaning their intention and only hard core Alliance supporters refusing to listen.

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