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Marshall Cooper
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Reed Elley
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Cynthia-Mary Hemsworth
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Garth Mirau
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Norm Abey
Canadian Action Party:
Doug Catley
Marijuana Party:
Meaghan Walker-Williams

Reed Elley

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13/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Reed Elley is popular with the retired church goers in this riding, due to his social conservatism. He will be reelected
19/10/00 M. A. Price Email:
Reed Elley is quite popular with most people in this riding, and has displayed some initiative on a number of non-mainstream issues that have proven that he runs with conviction (e.g. his support of hepatitis C victims, the natural food supplement industry, etc.)
The Liberals are never competitive in this riding, even though the likely candidate is Duncan Mayor Mike Coleman, who is fairly popular. The President of the Liberal constituency association has gone on record as saying that the Prime Minister should not have called an election this early - proof to me that the Liberals, at least in this riding, are not well prepared.
Garth Mirau, the NDP candidate this time and last, should finish a distant second.
26/10/00 CM EMAIL:
Riding has had a a fairly left wing history. Before 1993 the NDP almost always held this seat. This used to be Tommy Douglas' seat. This is also a NDP safe seat provincially. If Day's social conservatism alienates the riding enough, the NDP or even Liberals could pick up this seat.
29/10/00 Initial
Biiiiig problem w/NDP here: this also used to be Dave Stupich's seat, and Bingogate's probably removed their chances like the implants of a certain Centennial girl from Ladysmith...
08/11/00 BErnard Schulmann
This was once NDP turf, not anymore. Provincially the area is going to go Liberal in a landslide way. federally it will be a two party race between Libs and Alliance with the CA winning by 5%. Look at the NPD to get less than 10% and PCs to under 2%

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