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Liberal Party:
Tom Chapman
Canadian Alliance:
Stockwell Day
Progressive Conservative Party:
Ken Ellis
New Democratic Party:
Ken Ellis
Clay Harmon
Natural Law Party:
Elizabeth Innes
Green Party:
Harry Naegel
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Dorothy-Jean o'donnell
Canadian Action Party:
Larry Taylor
Marijuana Party:
Teresa Taylor

Stockwell Day

Previous Result:
Byelection 2000
General 1997

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10/10/00 Liam O'Brien Email:
Stockwell Day's seat. As leader of his party, he will win this easily. He did extremely well in the by-election. I don't think that will change much. Nor would anyone expect it.
19/10/00 A.S. Email:
Even with only nominal opposition, for the "divisive" Day to top 70% is amazing. "Everybody's smiling/Stockwell Day/Everybody's laughing/Stockwell Day/Everybody's feeling/So happy today/It's a Stockwell Day" (with apologies to the Brady Kids)
24/10/00 Chris Delanoy
This will be a slam-dunk for Stockwell Day again. It will easily be the largest majority for any of four federal leaders (Day / Chretien / Duceppe / McDonough) who are going to win their seats.
29/10/00 Peter M
Remember what I said about the dead skunk in Wildrose, Alberta? Same story here! Joe Clark only wishes he had safe cushy ridings like this one. Perhaps Joe could convince his daughter to run. Now there's a challenge for Stock.
06/11/00 Sandy Berger Email:
There is a great saying: "That guy could only be beat if he was found sleeping with a live man or a dead woman." I don't think Stock could lose even under those circumstances.
22/11/00 tpm Email:
It will be a dark DAY for Canada's aboriginals when stockwell wins this riding. They could be a real factor in Central BC if they decide to vote.

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