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Lou Sekora
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James Moore
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Joe Gluska
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Jamie Arden
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Will Arlow
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Paul Geddes
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George Gidora
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Dave King

Lou Sekora

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Byelection 1998
General 1997

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11/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
Frank Magazine informs us that the main reason why the people in this fine riding voted for caretaker Liberal MP "Lysol Lou" Sekora in the mid-term by-election was to finally get him out of the mayor's chair. Now that he doesn't have that escape hatch, and with residents treating Stockwell Day like a rock star on several recent visits, expect the voters here to dump the windbag Sekora for good and return this seat to the Alliance fold.
11/10/00 Richard Email:
Lou Sekora is a good guy. The people really like him. He's a long time mayor. He has only been an MP here for a couple of years (since a bielection) but has impressed alot of people who would vote for him because they like the guy, not neccessarily because he's a liberal. Sekora keeps this volatile seat in the liberal fold if he continues to work hard and campaign even harder.
21/10/00 A. Email:
Don't be surprised if the Alliance takes this one away from the Liberals. Sekora will have a tough job defending his government's record in B.C.
24/10/00 Josh Email:
Sekora was a popular mayor, and was elected in the by-election on the strength of his name. It'll be tight, but he'll hold this for the Libs.
26/10/00 CM EMAIL:
Sekora is in for a fight, but should keep this seat for the Liberals.
26/10/00 Cameron Email:
I live in this riding, and everyone I've talked to has been fairly satisfied with Lou Sekora, even those who typically would vote NDP or Alliance. Sekora will keep this one.
26/10/00 Carter Maywood Email:
With the Liberals polling higher than the Alliance at the moment, with no Alliance candidate even nominated as of yet, with the strength of Sekora's name (elected in some fashion or another in the area since 1972, I believe) and a very multicultural riding, Sekora should take this one easily.
29/10/00 A.S.
For obvious reasons, this byelected anomaly is the most vulnerable Liberal seat in BC...or it may be the harbinger of greater Greater Vancouver Grit gains to come. Food for thought: even in its by-election loss, Reform fared better than it did winning the adjacent New Westminster riding in '97...
31/10/00 Adam Daifallah
The Alliance has nominated James Moore, an energetic young candidate. With the Tories all but dead, look for Moore to steal votes from lackslustre Liberal MP Raymond Chan and the Tories and subsequently win the riding.
19/11/00 PP Email:
Sekora is toast. Liberal organizers in B.C. have apparently written off Sekora and relatives who live in the riding - who voted Liberal before Sekora decided he was a Liberal - are voting for the Alliance as the best hope to defeat him. Sekora's legal troubles - which has been covered extensively in the local media (Tri-City News) is not helping him much. I'd colour this one in for the Alliance.
20/11/00 T. Giraud Email:
This riding was won handily by Reform in 1993 and 1997. Sekora squeaked a victory in a '98 byelection by only about 5% when voter turnout was about 35%. With normal voter turnout alone, this small advantage will be erased. The Alliance candidate is strong and is running a full-fledged technical campaign which will ensure Alliance voters are delivered to the polls, which was not the case in the byelection. Sekora had the advantage in '98 of the entire national Liberal machine. Now he is left to his own devices. Liberal Cabinet Ministers have stopped visiting the riding and tell reporters it is now a definate loss. Attention of the BC Liberal campaign is shifting to proping up David Anderson in Victoria and trying for a breakthrough in Vancouver East. When was the last time a Liberal Cabinet minister was in Port Moody? Not for some time. The Libs even admit this one is over.
21/11/00 lrs Email:
Allaince should win seat back- if cannot and Lib slip through - CA organization should be blamed for wasting time in S.Ont rather than going to seats CA can possibly win
23/11/00 PP Email:
This marginal riding for the Liberals is now definitely in the Alliance column. Comments from the Prime Minister on the West while in Saint John, New Brunswick last night will assure victory for the Alliance in this riding.
23/11/00 Joseph Papparelli Email:
The only reasons that there is currently a Liberal in this seat right now is (1) Low voter turnout for the by-election; (2) A previously weak Reform candidate in the '98 byelection and; (3) Dislike for Sekora and the desire to get rid of him as Mayor. Trust me on these... I worked on the campaign and I don't know how many people I talked to that were Reform supporters, but wanted Sekora out of municipal politics and therefore voted for him. Combine this with the expected high voter turnout on Monday, and it all spells Alliance victory.
24/11/00 J.Fershau Email:
It's so sad to see senility set in on politican who has served this area (well?!?) over the last 10-15 years. I am, of course refering to Mr. Sekora's absolutely bizarre performance given on Nov. 23.
Early this morning, Mr. Sekora promises that he has two announcements to make concerning key issues in this riding: relief to leaky condo (not condom, as Mr. Riis gaffed) as well as gasoline tax revenues from the federal government to pay for transportation infrastructure.
In all his blustery style, Mr. Sekora promised that Minister Galiano would cruise into Vancouver to deliver federal contibutions estimated to be in the range of $200-300 million for the region.
However, he is forced to do complete 180 turn when, in fact, no such campaign promises were to be delivered. This foolhardy proclamation and sudden retraction by King Lou reported extensively in the local media. However, to make matters worse, Mr. Sekora felt that his monsterous error had been misconstrued by the media; and that he would appear on live on a late night news cast (VTV) to set the record straight.
Instead, his image is further eroded as he comes off like bumbling old man, deserted by his party, his speach writer, and his stylist. How sad.
Mr Sekora screw-up will unfortunately serve this riding up to the more than eager Mr. Moore. The only people who can still ignore the foibles Mr. Sekora are the developers of the Westwood Plateau neighbourhood: and their numbers are dramatically dwindling. ;)

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