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Hon Raymond Chan
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Joe Peschisolido
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Frank Peter Tofin
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Gail Paquette
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Kevan Hudson
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Kathy McClement
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Edith Petersen

Hon Raymond Chan

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12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Raymond Chan is well known here. The Liberals will retain this seat.
24/10/00 Chris Delanoy
Richmond could possibly go over to the Alliance in the event of a strong national surge of support. But for the time-being, that doesn't appear to be happening, so it's still a reasonably safe Liberal bet.
26/10/00 CM EMAIL:
Chan is very popular with the large Chinese community in this Vancouver riding. He should keep this seat for the Grits.
29/10/00 A.S.
I'm willing to be ambivalent, if only because this is the only fully non-Vancouver, non-Victoria, non-Sekora Liberal riding in BC. If the Alliance grabs this with the proper "Asian strategy" and a bit of positive momentum, it'll feel it's achieved closure...
29/10/00 PEM
A young energetic Joe Peschisolido won the Alliance nomination on the first ballot after a hard fought three way fight. Look for him to upset Raymond (what has he done for us lately) Chan
30/10/00 Christopher J. Currie
I had my "chuckle-of-the-day" when I found out that Joe Peschisolido was running here. Anyone who thinks he has a chance of ousting Chan is delusional.
01/11/00 Gordo Email:
I lived in Richmond during the '93 and '97 elections and Reform faired poorly due (in part) to dissorganized campaigns and marginal fundraising ability. Their board was a shambles for several years. This time, however, they appear to have a strong candidate AND a sound organization. The Alliance has a crack at winning this time, but, still, it will be close. CA gets my cautious nod.
04/11/00 Absentee Voter Email:dlaroche@home
A stong Alliance candidate,a "softer" Alliance platform and landslide Alliance numbers in the B.C. polls turn Richmond over to the Alliance by 5 - 10% gap.
07/11/00 Jim
The Alliance has a strong candidate in Joe Peschisolido. He is doing the job of candidate and leaving the office routine to the office support staff. Many of Raymond Chan's supporters have either abandoned him or even come on side with Joe and the Alliance. In '97 the vote spread was about 4400 votes. I predict that Joe will win this one with a vote spread of 4 to 5,000 votes between him and Chan.
08/11/00 Bernard Schulmann
Richmond is 1/3 Chinese. Raymond Chan is cabinet. That fact alone will re-elect him. I expect him to break 50% this time around and the CA to lose ground.
12/11/00 Jim
Alliance candidate Joe Peschisolido has many in the Chinese communtiy supporting him. He recently held a dinner at the New Castle Restaurant. There were many former Chan supporters there, including Chinese communtiy leader Hanson Lau. While there will still be those who will vote for Chan for the simple reason that he is Chinese, many are looking beyond race and are looking for a candidate who supports good policy and the citizens issues. Peschisolido will win this riding - bet on it!
17/11/00 Southam News Sheldon Alberts
Alliance fears NDP losses will be Liberal gains
19/11/00 Jim Burnett Email:
The CBC profiled this riding. Raymond Chan admitted that he was worried about this seat. From what I understand, this will be a fight.
19/11/00 interested voter Email:
Again, this is another riding which will stay Liberal thanks to the "asian invasion" remarks of an Alliance candidate in Winnipeg. It's hard to believe so many stupid "hot button" statements could all come from the same party during such a short campaign. They will have to realize that they will never become government by preaching intolerance.
20/11/00 Brendan Huang Email:
I attended the candidate selection meeting for this riding. It was pretty cool to see the huge mix of Caucasians, Asians (including lots of Chinese), and East Indians all in the same room. The fact that Joe P. won the nomination on the first ballot showed me that people from all ethnicities are looking to him to provide better representation in Ottawa than Raymond Chan has given us. It'll be a close race... people still haven't figured out that a big improvement usually requires a big change.
22/11/00 S. Ackermann Email:
Well I guess I must be a little delusional, because I see this race being a lot closer than most would believe. As mentioned above, the leader of the Chinese community is backing the Alliance candidate. I would also guess that many members of the Chinese community generally hold more socially conservative values. Raymond Chan and the liberal party do not represent those values. This one should be marked too close too call, but I would give the Alliance a slight edge.
23/11/00 MH Email:
The Alliance is trying to reach out to visible minority groups, but Betty Granger's remarks about the "Asian invasion" are a reminder that the party, like Reform before it, continues to be the political vehicle of choice for Canada's bigots and racists. This should hurt the party in this and a few other Vancouver-area constituencies. Chan faces a battle but should win.

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