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Bill Brooks
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Val Meredith
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Alistair Johnston
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Matt Todd
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Mavis Louise Becker
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Steve Chitty
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Daphne Quance

Val Meredith

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10/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Val Meredith is a shoo-in. She got 55% of the vote last time and in the Alliance leadership race got alot of coverage for endorsing Stockwell Day. The fact that she beat off a fundamentalist for the nomination will protect her image as one of the less-wacky Alliancers.
24/10/00 A.S.
Remember: a popular, couldn't-miss BC Liberal MLA, Wilf Hurd, was the anti-Val Grit candidate in '97. But at 30-to-55%, he god hurd real badly.
25/10/00 RJ Email:
Slam dunk for the Alliance and Val Meredith. In '93 she knocked off popular White Rock Mayor Gordon Hogg (who is now the local MLA), and in '97 she clobbered Liberal MLA Wilf Hurd - 55% to 30%. The Liberals have written this riding off this time around, as their candidate will be Bill Brooks, a member of the local constituency association who has never sought public office before at any level.
26/10/00 CM EMAIL:
Val Merideth is a very popular moderate Alliance MP. She'll have no problem being re-elected.
02/11/00 randy gorman
this riding is targeted by the liberals,val meredith is percieved as a weak wishy-washy mp,just recently she neither would deny or endorse a question that was asked to her in an interview on whether the alliance platform included two tier medicare in the future. bill brooks is a formibdable opponent and has done a lot of door knocking in this riding. the riding is liberl provincially and ms meredith might be in for a surpriseon election night.
04/11/00 Sandy Berger Email:
The Liberals are going to target Val Meredith hard. Her statements on health care, and the Liberals obsessive focus on the health care issue, is going to be problematic for Val. Already, the Liberals are blanketing the riding with flyers quoting her support for two-tier health care. Also, polls of the lower mainland show Alliance support falling and the Liberals rising. Meredith may hold on, but it is a real race here. I'm going to give it to the Liberals, due to the widening urban-rural split in BC.
12/11/00 D. Agren
The Liberals targeted this riding 1997. They nominated an extremely popular MLA and he was defeated easily.
24/11/00 Email:
Val Meredith is an exceptional MP, very tough yet very likeable at the same. That's why she won twice and that's why she'll win again. The Liberals may be holding their own in national polls, but in BC the Liberals are plummeting badly.

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