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Hon Herb Dhaliwal
Canadian Alliance:
Ron Jack
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Dan Tidball
New Democratic Party:
Herschel Hardin
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Charles Boylan
Michelle CHang
Derrick O'Keefe
Natural Law Party:
Prince Pabbies
Green Party:
Imtiaz Popat
Canadian Action Party:
Adam Sealey

Hon Herb Dhaliwal

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13/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Harb Daliwahl is a politician with well made connections in this riding. He will be re-elected, and possible heading back to Cabinet.
16/10/00 L.O. Email:
From Burnt Church to Marshall decision to NFLD Shrimp to PEI Lobsters to BC Salmon. Herb Dhaliwal has been in various regions' news for the last year or two for making some of the most ill-advised decisions in fisheries, even former colleaques like Brian Tobin have expressed objection to his methods. This won't hit his riding very hard - but it will when the Alliance use it to their advantage and to make Dhaliwal look like an emabarassment. This, combined with the great amounts of community involvement of Ron Jack will make this one of the few Liberal seats in BC to go alliance.
18/10/00 Mike O'Brien Email:
Dhalwial is in trouble. Ron Jack has spent a long time getting ready. His website has been operational for some time. He has a headquarters, and people know him around his community. Dhaliwal has been associated with bad press. He angered a lot of BC Liberal supporters (who he can't afford to anger) when he made some decisions regarding federal control of the Salmon fishery. He also hasn't been that visible in the riding. This much is evident as he spent most of the Months (June-Dec) 1999 skipping between conferences in the Maritimes on the Lobster issues. He then spent a lot of time going to PEI and NFLD this past spring and elsewhere on that side of the country all summer. With a candidate like Jack that organized and waiting for an election, Dhaliwal can hardly afford to be that far away...
29/10/00 A.S.
The Burnaby part, naturally, is more Reformish with the Svend'n'Jewett NDP afterglow; but Dhaliwal's primary Vancouver base of support voted more monolithically Liberal, Ontario-style(solidly in the 50-60% range), than anyplace else in BC in '97. He's kinda to Vancouver what Rey Pagtakhan is to Winnipeg, and about as borderline between safety and vulnerability. Despite ministerial foibles, I've been teetering on a Liberal prediction. I'll hold back for now.

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