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West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast

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Liberal Party:
Ian McKay
Canadian Alliance:
John Reynolds
Progressive Conservative Party:
Kate Manvell
New Democratic Party:
Telis Savvaidis
Green Party:
Jane Bishop
Canadian Action Party:
Marc Bombois
Marijuana Party:
Dana Larsen

John Reynolds

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17/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
John Reynolds will win this high-income conservative riding by a good margin.
24/10/00 Forrest D. Pass
While it is true that upper crust nouveau riche West Vancouver will probably stick with ex-Tory/Socred cabinet minister Reynolds. However, the rest of the riding (Sunshine Coast, Bowen Island, Powell River) will deliver a large number of votes to the NDP or Liberals; the heavily-unionised population won't stand for the Alliance's newly-expressed anti-Union policies.
29/10/00 A.S.
*How* good a margin, don't know. Despite the dominant image of super-uppidy-duppidy-class and eternally conservative West Van (and the fact that it's familiar turf for Reynolds, federally and provincially), Reform wasn't much over 5 points from Liberal in '97--and what's more, they were virtually even in West Van itself! Still, synonymousness will get you a long way, and both John Reynolds and conservative parties "of record" are synonymous w/West Van affluence. Though flukes happen...
08/11/00 Bernard Schulmann Email:
The Sunshine coast part and Powell River and Squamish/Whistler/Pemberton areas are all ripe turf for the Liberals. The NDP vote has collapsed in the province and the Liberasl are way up on 1997. This is one of about 6-10 ridings that they will win away from the Reform Party.

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