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Jake Hoeppner

IND Jake Hoeppner

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03/10/00 Mark A. Schaan Email:
Considering that Jake Hoeppner will not receive the Alliance nomination, my bets are on the Alliance under the opportunist former Tory Brian Pallister.
17/10/00 Garth Email:
Right wing candidates had around 76% of the vote last time. Other parties couldn't scrape enough votes together for an Elections Canada rebate. It will be someone off to the right who will be keeper of the Eternal Flame in Portage La Praire, but it is far too close to call.
19/10/00 Lynn Email:
Pallister is not likely to win the Alliance nomination at this point, and if the Tories can't come up with a decent candidate it could be that Hoeppner will hold the riding. However, rumour has it that the Liberals have several strong candidates for nomination in the riding, and with a good 3-way right-wing split, it could go Grit.
19/10/00 J Smith Email:
I honestly don't know what to make of this riding. Former Tory leadership candidate Pallister will likely lose the Reform-Alliance nomination, the PC's without Pallister are nothing here, the liberals didn't get there deposit back last time. This one's wide open.
29/10/00 A.S.
For perspective's sake, keep in mind that Hoeppner was the only Manitoba Reformer elected in 1993--and by a wide margin, at that. Logic dictates that this be an Alliance hold (or, rather, gain from Ind), particularly if future cabinet material like Pallister was nominated (though Felix "Voice Of Fire" Holtmann is not without his own cachet). But Hoeppner in the race makes things complicated--though I highly doubt any other parties are prepared to benefit from this, er, split in the right.
07/11/00 Chris Email:
Just to update people, Brian Pallister did win his nomination meeting with a whopping 76% support. Something like 1300 people showed up to cast their ballots (in rainy and windy weather). He should have no trouble winning this seat.
13/11/00 Lee Email:
A lot of people are putting Jake Hoeppner out of the picture for this election because he has no political party flag to wave to the people. The truth is, certain areas of the Portage-Lisgar riding will stick with this independent. This area seems to stay with a candidate for the long run as long as they are in a positive view from the media. Even though other regions of P-L will not be in favour with his personal views, it will be a tighter race than most people are predicting. I will not say that he will win, but you will not see a Pallister landslide on the 27th.
18/11/00 lrs Email:
If Ca not win here- a severe loss- i assume that candidate if he wins might be a leadership candidate if Day really flops I assume that enough old reform and PCS that will put Pallister over the top
19/11/00 AL X Email:
Spent some time with Jake and his wife once in Ottawa. Nice people. They got a bad shake from the party during the 'incident.' But to be fair both sides screwed up. With that long past this conservative riding wants someone who has some representitive power on the hill. This can only come from voting for a party guy. Brian will bring alot of his PC vote over while maintaining the majority of the Reform support. Easy win. To bad, Portage will lose a good MP. I'm not to sure they will get the same grassroots treatment from Brian.
23/11/00 L Hanks Email:
If Pallister had run as a Tory again, he would have been a hands-down lock, but in his personal journey of discovery over the past few years, from Tory Candidate to Tory leadership hopeful, to Tory/Reform union backer, to contentious Alliance candidate, he has managed to annoy just about everyone in the riding at one point or another. The Liberal and Tory candidates may have come into the race too late to get much traction, but they will both have a following in various parts of the riding. And then there's Jake, the last Reformer, who is going to pull down a big chunk of support. The result? Slice this pie 4 ways and wait to see who gets the biggest piece.
24/11/00 Richard Email:
Jake will keep this one. He has exposed the Alliance as a hypocrisy. His riding loves him. He might be a hick, but he's their hick damn it! Felix Holtman's law suit on the Alliance has helped Heopner ward off against Brian Pallister once again. It will be close, but look for Jake to be the ONLY independent candidate elected on Monday!

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