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David Iftody
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Vic Towes
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Henry Dyck
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Peter Hibbert

David Iftody

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15/10/00 Boss Jeff Email:
David Iftody will win easily in this riding. He has been working hard for seven years and the voters will remember it.
15/10/00 Paul Email:
David Iftody is quite vulnerable in this rural riding. Stockwell day has been conspicuously targetting the riding.
16/10/00 Garth Email:
Iftody never carries the party line. That will help him win the vote of his more conservative constituents. He will have a tough fight with the Alliance but become victorious on election night. Regardless of what Liberals think of him deviating from party lines on issues such as gun control and marriage rights, his constituents appreciate the risk he has taken.
In 1997 when half the riding was underwater due to flooding and the Liberal government was scowled at for not calling off the election, Iftody won by nearly 2000 votes. Iftody will still have to put up a good fight, but the people are on his side.
20/10/00 J.O. Email:
Former MB Tory Justice Minister Vic Toews has entered the Alliance race, bringing the total number of candidates to five, proving interest is high. Iftody has no glaring weaknesses on his record, but after all, it's a new Day!
21/10/00 Richard Email:
I just learned that the Alliance has nominated defeated Tory Justice Minister and wingnut Vic Toews. This hammers the nails into the coffin of the Alliance having any chance at winning this otherwise winable seat. Toews was an extremely unpopular Justice Minister and I don't see how he can win an area such as Provencher which he would be a parachute candidate in.
24/10/00 J.P.
The Alliance should win. Iftody may not always vote Liberal, but his party's policies won't change. People here are tired of high taxes and Liberals in general.
24/10/00 A.S.
The Alliance has every plausible reason to covet Provencher with a vengeance--indeed, it probably wonders how Reform let this sure-bet "big one" slip away in both '93 and '97. After all, it contains, around towns like Steinbach, bedrock Bible Belt country (which wound up counteracted by Grit-loving Metis communities come election time). And moreover, this was once the formidable electoral home base for PC cabinet minister Jake Epp--in fact, Epp was the first major ex-Mulroney minister to openly endorse the Alliance, which may put me teeter-tottering at the edge of an outright CA prediction. Indeed, CA could wind up winning Provencher even as they lose Selkirk-Interlake.
12/11/00 AL X Email:
This will be one to watch. I would almost say it's to close to call. Iftody has been very good in standing up to his party and showing he is not a trained seal when it comes to voting, at least on the same sex benefits bill. Many people will see him as a real and concerned representative of his riding. Rather it is more likely he knew that if he voted for the bill his highly religious constituents would send him packing. The Alliance candidate, Vic Toews won the party nomination on the first ballot against five good challengers. He is a proven representative of the people shown by the way he treated his riding as a provincial minister. He is only called a rotten Justice Minister by criminals that got a rough time from his though stance on crime and harder hitting reforms to the justice system. To the majority of the public he was seen as a great leader. He will be recognized anywhere in Manitoba and will do well in a riding like this one. He has five offices in this large rural riding and some of the best organizers out there. Still it will take all that to beat a strong Iftody.
18/11/00 larry skoog Email:
although CA candidate well known- short election probably will limit chance to for a victory over LIB - How do you beat a sitting MP unless there is a major swing to your party? Lib win by 5-10%
21/11/00 jon friesen Email:
David Iftody has managed to hold this small-c conservative riding by swimming against the Liberal current. The Reform challenger in 1997 was not a strong one and still came relatively close. With a strong Alliance candidate in Vic Toews(former Filmon cabinet minister) this time around and a diminishing Tory vote, Iftody is in real trouble.
23/11/00 randy gorman
I have waited awhile to make my prediction on this one,VIC TOEWS is a formidible opponent in this riding,but like an earlier comentator said DAVID IFTODY is well respected and liked in the riding for not being a trained seal for the liberal party.Rumour has it he may be awarded with a cabinet position if re-elected as Manitoba's second cabinet minister along with RONALD DUHAMEL (perhaps agriculture,to help bring farmers concerns to the chretien liberal cabinet,lord knows LYLE VANCLIEF failed miserably in listening to the farmers concerns.)ANYWAY my prediction is this will go down to the wire on election night with the incumbent hanging on by a nose.
23/11/00 Tom Callen Email:
A COMPAS Inc. poll for the Toronto Sun, dated 22 Nov, shows Vic Toews of the Canadian Alliance with 47% of the vote compared to David Iftody of the Liberals with 37%:
23/11/00 Tom Email:
COMPAS Inc. poll based on 200 surveyed on 21 Nov indicates 47% for Vic Toews of the Canadian Alliance and 37% for David Iftody of the Liberals. For details, see:
23/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
A Compas poll gives Toews a 10 point lead with less than a week to go.
26/11/00 N.H.
The NDP will do well in there home turf of Manitoba. They could carry as many as nine of the fourteen seats due to the NDP coattails of Premier Gary Doer. But in Provencher David Iftody is quite popular and will be re-elected by a very slim margin because of former cabinet minister Vic Toews from the former Filmon government.

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