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Saint Boniface

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Hon Ronald Duhamel
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Joyce Chilton
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Mike Reilly
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John Parry

Hon. Ronald Duhamel

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03/10/00 Mark A. Schaan Email:
Safe. The French Canadians of Saint Boniface wouldn't have it any other way. And considering that Ron Duhamel may be the new Manitoba cabinet minister it's even more for sure.
15/10/00 Boss Jeff Email:
Ron Duhamel is the hardest working MP in Manitoba and is among the most capable ministers and campaigners in the Liberal Party. Expect Mr. Duhamel to take the seat with 60-70% of the vote.
19/10/00 WMK Email:
This seat is as safe as they come for the Liberals in Manitoba. The newly appointed Minister of Veterans Affairs will cruise to victory, but it's rumoured that the Alliance is ready to wage a streetfight in Saint Boniface.
19/10/00 A.S. Email:
With Axworthy's retirement, *this* automatically becomes the Safest Liberal Riding In Manitoba.
03/11/00 Secret Admirer Email:
Ron Duhamel is the most honest, hard-working and sincere politician I know... and I know many politicians! As he likes to say, the seat will be safe as long as everyone gets out and votes. The worst thing about a safe seat is that the electorate thinks it's safe enough that their vote won't count and they all decide to stay home on E-day. Trust that Dr. Duhamel will be working extremely hard for the duration of his campaign.
13/11/00 Michael Email:
I like Ron Duhamel. Even though I am an Alliance supporter, he is a real moral and grandfatherly type figure (even though he's not that all). Of the Manitoba Liberals there are only two I'd ever consider voting for, him and Dr. Rey Pagtakhan. Their strong character makes up for their party allegiance.
22/11/00 Pat Email:
Being a constituent within the riding of St. Boniface, I believe that Ron will be victorious come election day because he is a strong constituency man and he works hard and gets things done in Manitoba as well as in Ottawa. He is also the senior minister for the province, which makes him key to Manitoba's ongoing success!
22/11/00 Secret Admirer Email:
Considering that Joyce Chilton yesterday in a candidates forum called Ron Duhamel's school supplies drive "the handing out of a few pens and pencils at the beginning of the year" and also dismissed La Francophonie as a waste of money, questioned the impartiality of the judiciary system and had no answer for a question posed by a native student, there will be no streetfight in Saint Boniface. The Canadian Alliance Party should ask that Joyce Chilton resign before she pulls a Betty Granger-esque gaffe and exposes this party once again for what it really is.
26/11/00 A. C.
Does anyone else remember Jack Hare, the Tory MP elected in the 78 byelections campaigning in 1979 in a rabbit costume? The result in my native riding is so predictable that only such fascinating reminiscences can make things interesting. Ronald J. Duhamel to continue the French Catholic tradition in the wake of legendary Grits Roger Teillet, Joseph-Philippe Guay and Robert Bockstael. He may be the only cabinet minister from the Prairies in a couple of weeks time. Duhamel with well over 50% again.

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