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Kathy Arnason
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Howard Hilstrom
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Thomas A.Goodman
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Paul Podworny
Anthony Varendregt

Howard Hilstrom

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11/10/00 Dave Email:
Look for Hilstrom to lose his seat on election night. The former RCMP officer is not very popular in his riding and only won the riding from the Grits with under 100 votes. He is the Alliances most vulnerable MP. His riding has a large Aboriginal population. The word around town is the former Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Phil Fontaine will seek the liberal nod. Fontaine would wipe the floors with Hilstrom. Look also for Fontaine to be the next senoir cabinent minister from Manitoba.
12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
The Alliance's incumbent MP should be re-elected here, baring any coalescence around either the NDP or Liberals who came a close second and third in 1997.
17/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
Look at the results from the 1997 election. There is less than a 1/2 % point between 1st and 3rd! Selkirk-Interlake is way too close to call.
21/10/00 A.S. Email:
As good as those smash-up-derby toy car sets, 188 votes between *three* candidates; when did you last see a 3-way recount? I'm hearing that Fontaine might not run; but besides that, the NDP will seriously gun for *anything* with Selkirk in it. They tried it with Howard Pawley in '88, Jason Schreyer in '93...
31/10/00 David D. Anber
Fontaine or no fontaine I'm gonna go out on a limb and put it to y'all; Alliance keeper. There are 2 reasons why this will remain an Alliance.
1) three way ties are bad for the liberals here. This isnt the Reform party anymore
2) With the tories in shambles the extra trappings will go C.A.
I do expect another close call though!
17/11/00 larry Skoog Email:
this should be the closest seat in the province based on last election's results Lib cand last time was cab min and this Liberal vote should not be as strong- plus why should ndp vote go to Liberals when the party should look at seat as possible gain and thus I predict a CA victory due to split between LIb- NDP vote-
21/11/00 Winnepeg Free Press Fred Cleverley
Selkirk Interlake candidates in three-way race to Ottawa
22/11/00 Email:
The Winnipeg Free Press has a story (at$rec=34223?election ) calling this a three-way race. Don't discount the NDP just yet; they seem to be picking up steam as the campaign comes into the final stretch...
22/11/00 R.D. Email:
Don't count the NDP out of this race yet! Based on the results last time, and any information coming out of Manitoba to date, this is a three-way race and should be called accordingly. Any one of the Liberals, Alliance, or NDP could win this, depending on vote-splits, the enduring legacy of gun control anger, and possible spill-over from the provincial NDP's substantial victory provincially last year.

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